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Tafadzwa Musekiwa resurfaces and label MDC-T candidates useless

08 May 2018 at 08:38hrs | Views
Many of us clearly remember the young boy who was elected Member of Parliament for Zengeza West back in 2000. The young boy then fled from Zimbabwe to the UK barely months after his election.

Almost two decades later the young man resurfaced at an MDC Alliance rally at Jonas Primary school in Seke on Saturday the 28th of April.

Ladies and gentleman the MDC-T prodigal son is back in the motherland. He was given a chance to greet the people at the rally and what he said got myself and many others wondering.

Instead of greeting us and possibly tell us about life in the wilderness and lying to us about how he missed home, his beloved party and the people who voted him into parliament (whom he betrayed by going without saying thank you or at least good bye). Instead of reassuring us that he is back for good and that he will never disappear again leaving us in the battle front. Instead of paying his condolences for our beloved hero Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai who passed on while he was in the comfort zone. Instead of saluting the comrades who held on and took the party to a higher level.

Tafadzwa Musekiwa chose to brag to us about how President Chamisa has confided in him about his worries about the calibre of candidates that we the people have been choosing in the past versus the candidates that President Chamisa would want. He said the president is deeply worried and concerned about the calibre of candidates that the people vote for to represent the party. 'People have a tendency of choosing corrupt candidates and some that have nothing more to offer and cannot be assigned to ministries and bodies by the president' said Musekiwa.

In his words, Musekiwa said the current crop of MDC-T candidates makes it difficult for the president to make appointments when in government. By saying this, he practically relegated the cadres who remained resolute and sacrificed so much for the party to unusable and useless people.

It didn't need any rocket science to see that Musekiwa was trying to make his way back into the ranks and file of the party that he deserted for so many years. But standing between him and his goals are the cadres who sacrificed for the party while he had gone AWOL. The people who stood by the vision when the likes of Prof Mutambara and Prof Ncube broke away from Tsvangirai. When Biti and company left also threatening to break the party. The people who lost arms and legs, who lost relatives and property during the 2008 elections when he Musekiwa was enjoying life abroad enjoying the comfort and protection of the UK.

Comrade Musekiwa need to be reminded that the people of Zimbabwe are not fools and should not be taken for granted. We know you want to find your way back into parliament but please just go and campaign and stop playing dirty games and black mailing other candidates.

If you think you are the right candidate that the president would want to work with, then convince us Tafadzwa that you won't desert us again. Convince us that we can now entrust our lives and votes to you. Rather than trying to use your 'friendship' with the president, tell us why we shouldn't vote for Job 'Wiwa' Sikala in Zengesa West. At least we know Wiwa is one of us through thick and thin and he will never abandon us on the battle front like you did.

And by the way the president is now a pastor and he can tell the difference between gold diggers like you and the dedicated.

Source - Gibson Shanyika
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