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It's good for our generation to groom, front Chamisa if we want Ebay in Silobela

08 May 2018 at 08:04hrs | Views
If we want our mothers to order an iPad on Ebay from their rural home in Silobela, we need to first think why they can't do it now. We need to think who, in the catalogue of given Presidential aspirants, can align Zimbabwe in its right place in the Global Village.

Age is important here, and we, as a Nation need to think like our predecessors who invested in the dreams of young Joshua Nkomo in 1957 and groomed him to lead the country out of Colonial York. In 1957, when Joshua Nkomo was 40, like today's Chamisa, the people from Masvingo, joined hands with his Southern Rhodesia African National Congress vision. The people perpetuated Nkomo's dream with full understanding that a new Zimbabwe was more valuable than looking at Nkomo's Kalanga mother tongue.

In 1957, the people of Zimbabwe had a better understanding that no one in Zimbabwe speaks all our languages. They understood that a human being must be able to look at basic logics to select the next possible best candidate to put their country to the next level. Because no one in Zimbabwe is all Ndau, Fengu, Zezuru, Kalanga,Tonga, Karanga, Sotho, Manyika, Zulu etc, our intelligent young people should be the ones on the fore-front to choose a Presidential candidate who is nearest to bring E-Bay, Visa, Paypal, Amazon, and get our money back into an internationally exchangeable currency.

How much, exactly, can we expect from His Excellency President Mnangagwa at his age. He has never ordered a Nintendo from Amazon. What he knows is what every Zimbabwean will have to continue doing, and what he knows is to wake up early in the morning from Silobela, wait for a bus for two hours, go to town, catch an Aeroplane to China, buy a Nintendo for $60 from Zhing Zhong Province, come back to Silobela having spent $5 000 for the trip. Once in Silobela, then discover that something called internet is missing. Surely, Mnangagwa and the whole other list of Presidential aspirants can't help me at my age.

The other aspirant who would do me justice is Mqondisi Moyo leader of MRP. The guy is young. He represents a fight which caused me to leave Zimbabwe in the 80's. Mr Mnangagwa's Zanu PF treated me very bad in Zhombe 1983 during Gukurahundi, and Comrade ED says I must just forget that. To say I must forget is an insult. I need my country to compensate me. Mqondisi Moyo leads a Party which dwells very well on that. But, because of the lack of Geographicity which I mentioned above, Mqondisi Moyo will never understand that a Dzimiri can claim to have been tortured and displaced by Gukurahundi in 1983. His leadership will remain a Nich because of his own limited mentality which corners on the word "AmaNdebele". Even if you wanted, you cant join and become an active member of the MRP if one of your parents is not a Ndebele. So, his party becomes a Party of lottery winners who happen to have a Ndebele bloodline since 200 years ago without Shona link. The question becomes "WHO" then, would have guarded their great grand mothers from marrying a Shona? So, in that mentality, I genetically cant qualify to fall under Mqondisi although he is my active voice against what Mnangagwa's party did to me.

At the moment, and since, 1983, I have always remained Zapu. During the war when I was a nine year old Zanu youth, I was brought up to learn the dire consequences of being a political sell-out. For the first time since 1983, I will have to vote for Nelson Chamisa of MDC Alliance. I will be a confessed sell-out this time because I will never leave Zapu. I will be a Chamisa voting Zapu member. If Zapu had kept it's 2009 promise to groom a young leader, I know we would be winners of the 2018 elections. My Party suffered from a disease called "Age Based Sedentary State". Any organisation, or business which does not groom new blood, is guaranteed to die with time. I love my Zapu home sweet home, but, Chamisa's dreams save me better.

I expect Chamisa to dream of Bullet Trains, National coverage of Internet, removing duty for all goods which are not manufacturable in Zimbabwe, re-training our police, keeping Police and Army far from politics, making sure that a Shona Policemen who is not fluent in Lupane local language does not operate there, making sure that all companies and Universities prove that they recruit workers and students equitably across tribal balance. I love a dreamer. I loved Nkomo for his dream of a tribe free Zimbabwe. An old leader will never have a dream but all sedentarity.  Zimbabweans were mad and abusive keeping Mugabe in power after the age of 70 and blaming him for Zimbabwean economical stagnation. You can't employ a 99-year-old maid and complain that she forgets to wash plates. You can't vote a 75 year old Mnangagwa and complain that he does not know what Argumented Reality is.

For us, as serious Zimbabweans living in UK and wanting to change Zimbabwe, we simply need to be the ones to teach forks back home that Terresa May, like Nelson Chamisa, cannot speak Welsh, Irish and Garlic. She only speaks English but she gets her votes from the Irish, Welsh, English and Scottish. It is too 1901 to expect a Zimbabwean leader who is all tribe. We are in UK and we should exhibit that ability is a much better criteria to find a leader that language. Someone has already told me that Chamisa can't express himself optimally in English. Nothing wrong with that, he is the only candidate we can groom. We can teach Chamisa how we want him to present himself before us, but, we cant teach Mnangagwa who is prohibited by age. We cant teach Mqondisi who is prohibited by fundamentality. So, the girl I can teach, is the girl I can marry. One who is unteachable will carry her beliefs into my domain and our relationship will suffer.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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