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Job Sakala: As worst as they come!

16 May 2018 at 13:23hrs | Views
The Editor,

On 18 April 2018, Tendai Biti was quoted as saying, "Zimbabwe's elections scheduled to take place this year will be the most important in a generation and critical to restoring democracy and economic growth in the southern African nation that has been dominated by one party since independence in 1980"

Barely a month later, Job Sakala boasted that, "….. and only yesterday he lied that he had contracted a disease that now makes him as light as a coloured after Operation Restore Legacy when it is clear that he used Ambi"

This is very difficult for me to write because many people will consider Sakala their hero but to me this is the worst politician Zimbabweans will ever see. The above utterances set back the march to freedom by decades. As Biti said, the upcoming elections are the most important in a generation and there must be zero room for personal attacks. This must be an election for ideas not trivial stupid utterances that do not bring any value to Zimbabwe.

In life, for every force, there is a counter force. A force dominates because there is a weak or no counter force. With such pronunciations from Sakala, my heart bleeds for Zimbabwe. This is as trivial and as stupid as it can go!

Zimbabwean people are waiting to hear just one pronunciation of how MDC is planning to address the decay in the country; just one. People like me don't want to be told about the problems that I already see for myself, why tell me that there are potholes? What I want to hear is the opposition's plan to fix potholes not to tell me that there are potholes.

I care less about VP Chiwengwa's looks; I care for his well-being. He said it himself, he is sick. That is his health and he did not have to share such private information but as a civil servant, a public figure, he did what he thought was important. Now jumps in the opportunists, blasting our VP for doing the right thing.

I have bad news for the opposition today; without critical self-appraisal, their quest for winning elections will remain a pipe dream. To Mr. Biti, if ever you saw a silver line of defeating Zanu-PF, I have bad news for you; your alliance is the most hopeless this country has ever seen; it is filled with closet dictators and tyrannies that are worse that those currently at the helm of Zanu-PF.

Most of the leaders in the MDC alliance are wooden, senile, and out of touch with reality home and abroad. People like Sakala have spewed the same hatred for years without getting any traction; is that not the definition of stupidity?

I truly ask the government to pay attention to the activities of these malcontents. They raise people's hopes with insults and falsehoods and when they eventually fail as is obvious, youthful malcontents might think the best way is going into the bush as rebels. This is something that has happened in many other countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Tunisia etc.

What type of ideology or political platform can an opposition that does not agree on its leadership bring to the country? President Mnangagwa is busy drawing rules for transition to democracy; why not concentrating your efforts into ensuring that his rules are fair and just and are creating a level playing field?

Can the opposition tell me their understanding of what they find imperative for a free and fair election?


Sam Wezhira

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