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Not the Econet way...

18 May 2018 at 07:04hrs | Views
Econet is by far the leading mobile network provider in Zimbabwe and stand their ground even outside the borders. I hear they have over five million local subscribers in Zimbabwe.

EcoCash is widely used in the country to a point the other two are totally ignored in most cases. They recently launched Kwese TV which is a direct competitor to DStv. They have a bank — Steward Bank.

Just last week they also announced that Econet has gotten a licence from The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). Before you ask where I am going with this, the long and short of it is, Econet is big.

Last week through their EcoCash brand they invaded Bulawayo (or should have invaded Bulawayo). It was the Ziyawa/ Chakachaya promotion.

You see those points you get after making a transaction? They could have won you either airtime, school fees vouchers, goats, cows or a housing stand. I should mention that my relationship with EcoCash has not been a bad one, I even have a sizeable number of points.

So when I say I was thoroughly disappointed by the Saturday event, you should know its coming from a good place.

The venue was Bulawayo City Hall Car Park; it's perfect and it exposed how one of the most marketable companies in the country is poor at marketing and strategies.

The attendance was poor to say the least. Special mention though goes to the camera persons who where beaming to the on-stage screen, one could have been fooled that the whole city was at the event.

Could they not sell the event through text to subscribers in a creative way? Its their network after all.

Could they not have used promotions and bait to get crowds to come in their numbers? I have friends who had no clue what was happening.

I only bumped onto the road show just the one time the day before and luckily I already knew what it was about otherwise they also need creativity or at least a budget.

The performances could have easily been the draw card but whoever is advising Econet should also advise them to research or at least work with local event organisers.

Sandra Ndebele was announced as a late addition to the list of performers who where Andy Muridzo and XQ and she was made to perform at 12pm.

She did not disappoint, in fact people sang along to pretty much all her songs. Why she was not the headliner in her own city is beyond me.

Don't get me wrong, I love both Andy and XQ but even with all the talent there was a disconnect with the audiences.

Why does all this bother me? I have seen Delta Beverages do it and any other company coming to Bulawayo for so called national events.

Its as if they want us to fail and are looking for a reason to take back whatever is there to the headquarters.

We need numbers at these events, numbers are there. You are all going around it the wrong way.
Until next week, be safe

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