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Khuphe: Khuphe all the time, Thokozani-hatred and vitriol are tribally insulting, and gender-degrading!

23 May 2018 at 16:24hrs | Views
Hate speeches against Khuphe must just stop at once! We have enough of the insults on women whom they hate with a passion. Stop at once insulting Thoko, stop abusing her, stop denigrating her, we have had enough of it as women and of course those from the region of Mathebeleland, we are sick and tired of constant abuse and insults: tribally inclined insults.  

Enough is enough: MDC leadership and its members should stop to abuse Thokozani: reduce her to be tribal bushing bag, a bucket to vomit gender- and tribal insults! We want women dignity restored: period! We have had enough of the bushing of Thokozani Khuphe the past five months. It has come to my realizing that Thokozani Khuphe has become the bucket where all and sundry can vomit on her, mostly tribalistic vomits and the Zimbabwe social media outlets are assisting in her humiliations she feeds on every day. Kuipa kunge kunze kwemusha!

Social media outlets that support Kamisa will denigrate Khuphe at the slightest irritation. "She was giving a speech at the beer-hall, they said!  Thoko has received gracefully these gender insults, and those tribal insults: a humiliation on a person: no proper and genuine reason either than she opposed the rise of Kamisa to the presidency! Today she has been labeled a "whore" "hure" This word "hure" is a collective word for women who do not go with the sentiments of the majority of men. Amai Joyce Mujuru is a "hure", Mrs Dr Amai Grace Mugabe is a "hure." Those women who dared it all are called prostitutes; to disagree with your menfolk you are already considered cheap and therefore a "hure."  Kuipa kunge kunze kwemusha!

Just name any woman who speaks against the general sentiment is a "Whore" chi "hure" in Zimbabwe.  Whoever thought that Hon. Joseph Chitimba of Buhera would call Mrs. Grace Mugabe a "hure."  Did he not call Grace Mugabe his mother? They refer Jessie Majome as kamuchembere kayende kunofudza madongi kumusha; otherwise she can equally be labelled "ka hure."  like all of them women.  

Even some media outlets have taken sides in threshing Khuphe to some subhuman: wholly biased. There is no dignity to preserve in her anymore. Kamisa and his cabal are doing their best to destroy her emotionally, politically and otherwise. It would not matter if they destroy her politically. The attack is on her as a person, a human being, very tribalistic. Of late the biased media reported that Thoko gave a rally at a beer hall. Next time we shall read that Thoko gave her rally at the toilet!!  

It is these ever insults denigrating of Thoko the girl from Mathebeleland that is now irrational and wholly gender insensitive and tribalistic. In so doing, in as much as they see Thoko as the tribal bucket to vomit tribalistic vitriol on her, Thokozani is now been elevated to the icons of Joshua Nkomo's stature. Nkomo, in 1980 was hated and insulted the way the MDC members are insulting Thokozani just for opposing Kamisa whose ascendency to presidency was not constitutional by any means.  

Kamisa is as popular with the peoples on Mashonalands in as much as Robert Mugabe was popular in Mashonalands in 1980. Whoever dared to contradict those two: Mugabe and Kamisa: yesterday and today will be subject to abuse, insults of tribal nature, threatened to death. Thokozani Khuphe and Joshua Nkomo were threatened to death curiously by some peoples of Mashonaland. Those days in the 1980s, it was again the peoples of this Mashona region who wanted Joshua Nkomo publicly hanged to death. Joshua Nkomo was even ridiculed for his big body by our brothers and sisters from Mashonaland. Now when you hear the same peoples talking high, talking in reverence about Joshua Nkomo, one wonders where does all this respect and reverence for Nkomo come from? Did they not want him dead, labeled him to a cobra-snake in the house, because he is a dangerous persona in Zimbabwe, he was chased like a criminal by Zanu-PF from his home country to exile!!! Thokozani is now reduced to a criminal by MDC-Kamisa members and cabal.

Every citizen in Zimbabwe has tasted Mugabe's brutal regime for 37 years. The majority of the peoples in Zimbabwe wished, wished after 38 years that Joshua Nkomo should have taken over power from UDI-Smith regime and not Robert Mugabe, things would be different today, they say. However, the fundamental difference between Thokozani Khuphe and Joshua Nkomo is that while Nkomo had outstanding leadership qualities, we are struggling to find out what Thokozani did to her constituencies she may have been a parliamentarian. This, however, should be story tale for another day to discuss; we are today worried about insults showered upon her dignity as a woman, firstly and a girl-child from Mathebeleland: a woman who is constantly subjected to tribal and gender hate, non-stop!  

The most painful moment was yesterday the 22nd May, when we saw on glaring social media, how the Chamisa bandits and gangsters shouted and hauled insults at Thokozani Khuphe before and after the verdict was announced.  They shouted even threatened to enter the courtroom to disrupt court processes. The entire dignity of Thokozani Khuphe as a human-being has been loosely dangled and disrespected,  she got the favourite-Zimbabwean-insult for women: "hure." Thokozani Khuphe is following legal proceedings brought to courts by Kamisa and his cabal and not Thoko Khuphe.  

We ask the Zimbabwe social media outlets to be impartial in their reporting on Thokozani Khuphe. The social media reporting should be bipartisan and not to side with one political party and equally denigrate opposing sides emotionally and irrationally. This is where we find tribalism at play. Sooner or later this very Kamisa will prove a disaster and even worse than Robert Mugabe. Mugabe was not misogynistic as Kamisa. He was through and through egoistic and he removed those: men and women whom he thought were a threat to his reign. Similarly, Kamisa is doing the same. Kamisa hates dissenting voices, Kamisa hates women with a passion. Kamisa had fewer regards for women generally but he can use them and will dump them when he has used them enough: that's politics I suppose.

Kamisa with all his badges as pastor, husband, and lawyer: Kamisa has secret army/bandits/gangsters that he nurtures to deal with the likes of Thokozani Khuphe and all those who disagree openly with him. Kamisa is just an empty head that makes the most noise. Those national rallies exposed him as a nonintellectual by all account.  Kamisa has no qualities of a pastor at all. Kamisa must have married a Ndebele girl as his preparation for his future ascendancy to power: to be seen non-tribal, but Kamisa is very tribalistic. To get another qualification as pastor was also, in the same way, going to assist him as a future leader of this country: to be seen as God-fearing man. Kamisa does not fear God much as he would want us to think he does. He uses God and the bible to hide behind both.  

I will be excused if I said Kamisa sees Sithokozile as means to his ambitious rise to power. I should be excused if I speculated that Kamisa in on separation with Sithokozile now that he has risen to the presidency without a tribal card. Kamisa does not need Sithokozile anymore: after all, there is enough young material in MDC female members for Kamisa to choose the second woman from.   

Kamisa is nowhere near qualities of a pastoral servant of a congregation. Kamisa is a thug himself like his gangsters outside Harvest House, a scam bag!  You cannot joke about sleeping women to prove you are young and energetic. That's very dirty and absolute nonsense: beyond nonsense, said Stephan Sucker. A scam bag can joke like that and get away with it. To go on and talk about his law degree, the law he does not know so well is an insult to the college that passed Kamisa as a practicing lawyer.

We ask Kamisa and his MDC cabal to leave Thokozani Khuphe alone. To insult those Zimbabwean women is to denigrate all of them women of Zimbabwe especially from Mathebeleland. Please MDC stop insulting Thoko. We have had enough insults upon this woman called Thokozani Khuphe. To label Thokozani as "hure is just beyond the pale, you are insulting all the women in the country. We cannot just be insulted as "mahure" if MDC-T members and hooligans outside Harvest House thought we disagree with Kamisa. It is, for this reason, these insults against Hon. Thokozani Khuphe must just stop forthwith.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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