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Ndebeles will never rule Zimbabwe

26 May 2018 at 17:42hrs | Views
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Now that I have your attention may I say that I'm very disappointed with some Ndebele fools who have been flooding my inbox with insults saying that I am a sponsored Zanu PF thug. I will understand if it were Shona's but the issue that I raised yesterday was about your own sister, your own mother and your own leader. Please note that I said some Ndebeles and not all are fools because if you don't realize the suffering that Khuphe is going through at the hands of Chamisa thugs then I'm unapologetic to call you fools.

MDC has been winning elections because of Matabeleland and Ndebele people and if people like Welshman Ncube don't notice that this is actually the 2nd Gukurahundi and go on to think that Chamisa likes them then they are also fools. Chamisa disregarded the MDC constitution knowing that the Ndebeles will be the first to support him in fighting their own. Ndebeles should be ruling right now because they were the first to fight against Mugabe since the 80s but were divided by one of their own like Enos Nkala.

The fact that Ndebeles cannot rule was planted by the Shona's and irrigated by the Ndebeles themselves, If they were United and made and Alliance and put either Sipepa Nkomo, Godern Moyo, Welshman Ncube, Dabengwa, Thokozani Khuphe as their candidate either Zanu or MDC would not stand a chance but no they want to have Shona councillors and MPs and not even once have I seen a Ndebele in a Mashonaland City Council and it won't happen not because it's not prectical but because of a mindset that they have to be willingly used and be dumped. Chamisa called Khuphe a dissident and never publicly apologised for the errant behaviour displayed in Buhera but some Ndebeles still support him, What's wrong with you people? MDC was formed by Ndebeles and where is it now?

To see how inferior Ndebeles have been made to think they are, one Shona can make grown-up Ndebeles to struggle to speak Shona instead of forcing the Shona to come under them. For the record I'm not a member of Zanu PF and sighting wrong that Chamisa is doing does not make me a Zanu PF and it goes to show how shallow Chamisa supporters are.

I am challenging the Ndebeles to change their mindset and believe in themselves. You are not few, you are not second class you are just being you.
Insult all you want but the fact will remain, you will leave a curse for your children and their children to be mentally incapable of leading themselves.

Rabson Mwenda- Mutare (Loyal MDC supporter)

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