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Dirty prophets abuse God's name

26 May 2018 at 18:00hrs | Views
The abuse of God's name and the bible by dirty politicians and fake pastors as available tools to brainwash, mislead, deceive and conquer is an out dated tactic. White colonisers came to Africa holding the bible in one hand and the gun on the other to kill, plunder and oppress. In the 21st century Matabeles will not to be hoodwinked by the agents of Gukurahundists who pose as prophets.

Listening to him talk in what looked like a political rally, sermon or both, we almost believed that there are some shonas out there who are now prepared to tell the truth as it is and deal with the issue of  Matabeleland genocide once and for all and seek forgiveness from the Matebeles.

He correctly observed that among politicians, men of God and shona people in general, he is the first one to do "what I'm doing."

After calling Matabeles to the front, he also correctly narrated, " we have murdered you, as shona people we committed massacres and atrocities that were evil in this land as shona people....we were using machetes to kill you, shooting your relatives, shooting your innocent fathers, your innocent grand mothers.

"Some of you grew up without parents. You grew up with a lot of bitterness against shona people because you were told how your parents were killed. How your brothers were killed, how your uncles were killed, your grand fathers, mothers were killed for no apparent reason. How they were shot, axed with axes, how they were burying them alive. And women who were pregnant were being ripped with bionets alive and the  unborn babies were removed".

Without any doubt, what Chiza said as quoted above is nothing but the truth. But the questions that arise are: where were the so called " men of God" from Mashonaland for these past 38 years only to emerge now asking for apology on behalf of unrepentant, arrogant, hateful and heartless  perpetrators who refuse to recognise let alone apologise for Matabeleland genocide?

Where were the so called men of God who now emerge at the time when we are calling for the restoration of the statehood of Matabeleland to tell us to forgive shona people?

 Was Chiza really sent by God? The answer is NO, besides we know that he does not worship God. All the tell tale signs for those in the know are there to see around Chiza and his church. We refer our readers to Mathew 24 vs 5 who were described by Jesus as "many false prophets, shall come in my name, perform wonders and shall deceive many". We are grateful that we were warned by Jesus about such characters and we  can not be deceived by Chiza and his multitudes of false prophets with many big and high sounding titles and speaking a queer language that identifies them with their master.True they will claim to be prophets or man of God, and true they shall perform wonders such that "even the elect may be deceived."

If he is genuine to ask for reconciliation and forgiveness,

Why did  he not begin with the genocidaires  and ask them to appear before the Matebeles and ask for forgiveness ?

Why did he not begin with the shonas and ask them to seek forgiveness from the Matebeles ?

Why is he not asking his fellow shonas to stop discriminating   and abusing Matebeles in present day Zimbabwe ?

Well, he let the cat out of the bag when he sounded like the military junta which is composed of Matabeleland genocide perpetrators. Is it not  coup  President  Emmerson Mnangagwa who once likened Matabeles to cockroaches that needed to be exterminated using DDT.

Towards the end of his speech or sermon Chiza said, " if a shona comes to you asking for your daughter's hand in marriage, may you release that daughter to be married to a shona person." If we may ask, is it Ndebeles only that should give out their daughter to be married by shona and shona cannot do the same?

But it the following that exposed him as the messenger of Gukurahundists doing damage control on their behalf, not sent by God as he claimed. "From today don't fight a shona person. Don't pull down a shona person. Some of you  work for shonas that bitterness comes to pull that business down because that spirit comes in you. And it makes you lose your job and them their business as well and that has affected us economically. And at home I want you to pray and release shonas because if you are bitter you will not prosper. What I'm doing here will make you multiply financially" What is this so called prophet saying? Is he saying Matebeles must live a difficult life of always trying to impress shonas with lies so that they keep their jobs.  Matabele lives must not be dependent on shonas, neither their fututure must be decided and defined by shonas.

MLO state the following  conditions  for Chiza and his fellow shonas and for the Zimbabwe government  to seriously consider if they sincerely choose to end this anger.

1.0                                Offer unconditional apology

1.1                                Pay US$100billion compensation

1.2                                 Deliver Matebeleland full independence and sovereignity

Once the three above conditions have been met, all Matebeles shall be prepared to forgive the shonas and accept them as their brothers and live peaceful with each other.

This Chiza fellow  must be told that the pain and anger against the shonas is still within us and shall remain so and visit them upto to their 10th generation from now if they dont apologise and give us US$100billion compensation and deliver our country to regain  its full sovereignity and independence. Remember,  it would be costly, painful  and unsustainable to shonas if they choose to ignore us yet three steps above  will end this anger and bittersness against the shonas. We shall for ever remain good neighbors
This should be known to him and and those who sent him that from now onwards the people of Matabeleland would not be herd boys, garden boys and maids of shona people. From today on the people of Matabeleland will intensify the struggle for  Matabeleland independence  in order to exercise their rights to determine their destiny. Be able to freely start their own businesses and run them. In the current oppressive system this is only a privilege of shonas which we are prepared to destroy in Matebeleland territory.

Like the military junta that has formed its useless and irrelevant National Commission for peace and reconciliation that is silent on the truth, the false prophet is concerned only about the non existent Zimbabwe dollar and dead economy not the lives of Matabeles or their future. Like the genocide  perpetrators who run the government of Zimbabwe he emphasizes much on the economy and prosperity of shonas rather than the pain of Matebeles. It is realilly stupid for the government of Zimbabwe  and its agents , sponsors to think that we care about the economy that we do not benefit from.

He is not saying anything about the silent, more effective and painful genocide that continues in the form of marginalisation, tribal segregation, hegemony, extermination of Matabele languages, identify, culture and dignity that is perpetrated against Matebeles everyday in Zimbabwe.

He is driving, controlling and forcing the people of Matabeleland to forgive shona people without asking them what they want and how the victims want the genocide issue handled. As MLO we are tired of the genocidal government of Zimbabwe and all its agents that disguise themselves as prophets, teachers, politicians, pastors, prophets who come and present themselves as messiahs of Matebeles. .We can see through them.

They must give us 10 reasons why they should live and feel free in Matabeleland when their intention are that of abusing and participating in the oppression of Matabeles.

You have given yourselves the opportunity to run the country for 38 years. Within these many years you have proven to be murderers of innocent Matabeles. You have proven to be oppressors of Matabele people and promoters of shona supremacist. You have proven to be a bunch of incompetent people who have run down the country and is now a failed state without its own currency. You have proven to be coup plotters and violent people who subject innocent Matabeles to torture and traumas of coups, endless disorder and bleak future.

If we are pushed to unacceptable limits MLO will not hesitate to demonstrate that it has the capacity and capability to make Zimbabwe ungovernable and protect the people of Matabeleland. We have nothing to lose except the chains of oppression.

Buyochitheka Bugayiwe!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs.

Source - Israel Dube
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