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Chamisa's lies show how he is completely unfit for public office

30 May 2018 at 14:03hrs | Views
American politician Daniel Moynihan once said: "You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts."

Nelson Chamisa it seems would disagree with this statement. He wants to be entitled to his own facts, his own take on a reality that only he is aware of.

First, there was the $15 billion promised to him by the American Government and by President Trump, who he did not meet, despite saying he did.

Then, Chamisa claimed he was invited by the Queen to the UK.

He also claimed that he was given the knobkerrie by the family of the late MDC-T Vice-President Dr Joshua MqabukoNkomo. He has further asserted that "Zanu PF plants" are behind the attacks on Thokozani Khupe, and other opponents of his from within the MDC.

Unfortunately, the list of lies is exhaustive and growing.

However, these lies have been dwarfed by Chamisa's latest claims that he assisted Rwanda's ICT policy. The reason these lies are even worse is that the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame has become so incensed with the deceit he has had to personally intervene to set the record straight.

Chamisa made the claims while addressing a rally in Beitbridge last Saturday that he assisted Kagame to craft his nation's ICT policy when they met in Geneva, Switzerland after the Rwanda President was impressed by his ideas when he was then Minister of Information and Communication Technology during the inclusive Government era.

President Kagame however, disputed Mr Chamisa's claims on his official Twitter page.

"1st my name is Kagame not kagama 2- I don't know this man & no discussion ever happened with him anywhere …3rd Rw's ICT policy,projects & progrm started before mdc formation and politics! I wish the people of Zim.well !" wrotePresident Kagame, which was backed up by other Rwandan officials.

One could sense the anger and consternation from President Kagame as he wrote that Tweet. It is rare that a foreign leader would respond to things said on a campaign in a foreigncountry, but this was obviously the necessary exception.

However, this is not about Rwanda or President Kagame, this is about Chamisa and his incessant lies.

Chamisa likes to think he is young and has a handle on the latest technology, so he should be infinitely aware that in this day and age everything that is said can be rigorously fact-checked. Everything is documented and we are all interconnected enough to be able to concur or deny whether something took place.

That Chamisa thinks he can get away with these constant lies is extremely disconcerting. He is either blissfully unaware each time that his lies will be exposed, and really doesn't understand the world of information technology as much as he claims, or he just doesn't care.

Unfortunately, Chamisa appears to be surrounded by a group of unyielding supporters and sycophants who suck up his every word and will fight to the end to try and prove their leader right, even against all evidence.

This time they chose to pick a fight with the head of a neighbouring state, one Zimbabwe has good relations with. Can one imagine what would happen should Chamisa become president and he has a meeting with Kagame?

As a British professor said after hearing Chamisa during his recent trip to the UK, he is completely "out of his depth". He is an amateur who is not even learning quickly while on the job. He has been thrust into the spotlight and still behaves like he thinks no one is listening.

Zimbabwe can't afford this level of recklessness, not from a presidential candidate and certainly not from a president.

Chamisa's lies demonstrate how absolutely unsuited he is for public office.

Source - Mike, Harare
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