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The British can't hide it anymore

31 May 2018 at 10:56hrs | Views
Many people must be surprised by the British Government's refusal to give Zapu President Dumiso Dabengwa a visa to enter the United Kingdom in response to an invitation to give a lecture on Gukurahundi. There can never be an explanation let alone a sound justification other than the true reason. And the reason is that the British especially the Conservative Party and any government that they form has a long standing arrangement with ZanuPF. In 1979 they had the agreement with Robert Mugabe and now they are out to save Emmerson Munangagwa from any embarassment or any further diplomatic damage especially his records on human rights.

Robert Mugabe's crime was that he embarrassed them to other whites, the former Rhodesians when he allowed the seizure of "land " by the peasants who were lead  by the ex-fighters in the liberation war. Before that, he had been a darling of the former colonizers as he frequently had tea with their monarch in her palace. They  impatiently needed someone to take over the leadership of ZanuPF so that there would be "stability" in the country. When the soldiers removed the aging tyrant, the British were overjoyed. It was therefore not surprising that they sent a number of emmisaries to Harare. Even the son of the last British Governor in Rhodesia Lord Sommes visited Harare. It goes without saying that it is not the best thing now to allow the Zapu leader to talk about Gukurahundi on the British soil.

Whoever has an interest in this stance by the British has to refer or remember how they have had secret and open agreements with ZanuPF. During the first general elections in 1980 Mugabe supporters murdered scores of their political opponents. The eastern part of the country was declared a no go area. Zapu members were murdered in broad day light. Lord Sommes the Brirish Governor was told but he promised lies to other parties claiming that the matter would be looked into. On the eve of his anouncements of the election results, the British governor,Robert Mugabe and the Soth African apartheid leaders met in Maputo. Details of the meeting were never published but we know that Mugabe refused to give support to the ANC and openly told Oliver Tambo to first denounce Zapu if they wanted support from his government.

During the Gukurahundi genocide the British army was here in Zimbabwe. Their silence over the most barbaric ways of killing civilians by the tribal army left many people with the conviction that they knew what was happening and that they supported it as a way to eliminate the Soviet influence in the region. It has always been said that the North Koreans trained the Gukurahundi killers. This is true but the funding came from the British and that is why now they do not want to hear any one talking about Gukurahundi. They funded the massacre of our women whose wombs were ripped open. Their press keeps on referring to the role of the North Koreans but this refusal to give Dr Dabengwa a visa confirms that they can no longer continue to hide their own role.They just cant  fail Mnangagwa now. He must be presentable to the other "smart" British who do not like killers.

In the meantime the junta minister of foreign affairs spent sometime in the British capital engaging the British government. The British know that he was not elected but they engage him as if the same government will be there after the elections that are due within the next 2 moths.

Other leaders of political parties were not only allowed into the country, but they were also accorded a chance to meet with government officials while Dumiso Dabengwa, a victim of  Gukurahundi is not allowed entry into that country. He cannot be allowed to attend a privately organised meeting at a University. How was he threatening the British security except that he is against the Conservative Party interests in his own country? There can certainly be no other reason. As victims and survivors of Gukurahundi we will not be silenced by the huge imperial power manovres.

Dumiso Dabengwa will not speak in the United Kingdom but here at home we are setting the record straight. Mugabe murdered over 20000 of his fellow men and women with the intelligent guidance of our former colonisers the British. They cannot hide it now. That is why they knighted him. He had done an excellent job. His successor must not be disturbed as he is out to guarantee the safety of their interest in our country even if this is against their own usual norms and values. After all, honestly speaking to these British rulers, blacks are not as human as they are. African leaders can kill as much as they like as long they are killing their fellow blacks. Its alright.

Source - Mkhululi Zulu (Zapu Presidential Spokesperson)
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