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'Doctor cry' mother killed during Gukurahundi?

02 Jun 2018 at 08:35hrs | Views
One of the commenters on an article about a Doctor who cried while trying to find a softer word to describe Mnangagwa, claimed that the Doctor's mother was killed in Zhombe during Gukurahundi. I have first hand of expirience of what happened in Zhombe during Mnangagwa's Gukurahundi.

If the claim is true that the Dr's mother was killed by Mnangagwa, then l am a front soldier to ask the Doctors Association to re-enstate our Doctor back to his position immediately!!!

I am not a Doctor, but, l know even better than some Zimbabwean trained Doctors, that some victims of a brutal crime develop a Stolkholm Syndrome. This is a syndrome where the victim of a brutal trauma come out to praise the person who brutalised them. Some Zimbabwean Doctors know this even better than me. If this is the case about "Doctor cry", l am shouting at the top of my possible voice, calling the Doctors Association to immediately reinstate the Doctor.

I know that Internet commenters can be skewed individuals who cannot be trusted. But, l also know that there is a good percentage of commenters who are honest and true, depending on which home one comes from. What made me believe the comment of "mother killed 1983 Zhombe" is a forensic test l derived from "Dr Cry" speech. If you listern carefully to his speech, the Dr nearly said, "l m grateful about the 100% pay increament we got from these KILLERS"

In place of "KILLERS", the Dr failed to find a softer word because someone who killed 30 000 Gukurahundi victims is beyond any description.

Here was a son whose mother was killed during Gukurahundi. When he was growing up orphaned like 600 000 Matebeleland and Midlands orphans of that time, he could not call a simple and daily therapeutic word "Mum". Dear Zimbabweans, we cannot repeatatively punish the already severe ly punished orphans of Gukurahundi. I want to see the Doctor re-enstated, counselled, compensated and given psychological assistance.

If his mother was killed by Mugabe Mnangagwa Gukurahundi, he is in Zanu because of a well known ailment, the Stockholm Syndrome. There are so many Stolkholm Syndromes sufferers in Zanu. Some of them will surprise you because they include Jonathan Moyo. After Jonathan Moyo's father was lynched to death brutally by a sexy-smile Mnangagwa's Gukurahundi, Jona spent his life working for Zanu. Unfortunately these are the effects of untreated trauma. Nothing was done in Zimbabwe to counsel Gukurahundi victims. The ripple effect of that strikes hardest on the victims themselves. Look what happen now, the affected Doctor is going to loose an income. Look what is happening now, Jonathan Moyo can't come back home while Kasukuwere, Mugabe's nephew and Mnangagwa himself came back.

The fact that Gukurahundi issue was not solved amicably, means we will have a nucleation of mentally unstable people in Zimbabwe.

Please investigate if this Doctor's mother was killed by Gukurahundi. If it is found to be so, then, this Doctor failed to find a word which stands between Satan and God at the same time. Godly because 100% increament is Godly. Satan because anyone who killed 30 000 Zimbabweans and created 600 000 unsupported orphans, cannot be described in alternative terms.

Source - Multiverse Dungani
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