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Zimbabweans should unite and kick out the 'Ganja' government on July 30

09 Jun 2018 at 10:08hrs | Views
Zimbabweans should be worry of a leader in the caliber of President Emerson Mnangagwa. This military controlled President has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is off better as a Vice President than a Head of State. His decision to legalize and later revoke the growing of mbanje in Zimbabwe parade clearly how the junta president is a poor policy maker.

For starters every policy that will be gazetted in Zimbabwe would have been approved by the Cabinet and for sure to think that Zimbabwe's ministers in the capacity of some with PHD's would seat down and approve such a stinking policy one tends to ask if Mnangagwa's cabinet is full of psychiatric patients.

You cannot revoke a policy because they have been a public outcry that is high level of incompetence in the capacity of the President of the Republic. More so the fiasco in which Gen Chiwenga had to exercise presidential powers and fire the government nurses in a case which have only been witnessed in Zimbabwe across the whole globe to the extent that even former Zaire President Mobutu in his moments of madness never did such an awkward thing which Chiwenga did.

How can you fire all the government nurses surely Zimbabwe's top leadership is in turmoil some of these guys were better of as soldiers not as second in command. You cannot fire people because they were striking surely some of Mnanangagwa's policies are really bad this man instead of taking Zimbabweans to Canaan he will retain them to (Egypt) the biblical land of bondage.

Zimbabweans should be worry of this man as they head for the crunch July 30 national elections. The military's strong dominance in the current government set up is extremely bad as Zimbabwe is now more or less under the military rule, history has shown us that a military rule in any state undermines both democracy and development, hence Zimbabweans should do themselves a favor by kicking Mnangagwa and his incompetence demagogues out of government.

The marginalization in Matabeleland and the silence over the Gukurahundi issue by the EDM government should propel the people in Matabeleland to kick out the crocodile and its allies from the Munhumutapa Bulding.The Ndebele people continue to suffer from serious marginalization and such issues can only be addressed if Zimbabweans vote in a competent leader in the capacity of Hon Nelson Chamisa. President Mnangangwa was part of the Zanu Pf that lied to the Zimbabweans about 2 million jobs and the same man is uttering the same nonsense again everywhere he goes whenever he is addressing the long overdue suffering Zimbabweans. Zanu Pf wants to continue to take a ride on the people of Zimbabwe.

In Manicaland the voters should kick this regime out of power considering that of all the diamond that have been mined in the province they have been no tangible development while most of the people in deep rural Manicaland are walloping in stinking poverty.

In Mash West many voters in that area will always recount the violence that came prior to the runoff election of 2008, how innocent citizens were brutalized and murdered for voting for change surely 'a leopard will never change its sports', Mnangagwa and his military cabal should be shown the original exit door from Zimbabwean politics come July 30.

In the major towns Zimbabweans especially educated citizens have been reduced to the platforms such as vending while the big cows in Zanu Pf continue to squander state resources.

They is nothing good that will never come from Zanu Pf. The revolutionary party used Zimbabweans to kick out former President Robert Mugabe from power not for the benefit of the majority but for them to continue plundering state resources.

Zimbabweans should unite and vote out Mnangagwa and his political demagogues

Knowledge Hakata is a political commentator and the co-founder of Demos Cratos. He can be contacted on

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