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Mama: please give us a sign; Mat'land region is doomed with either Chamisa or Mnangagwa as president! What should we do, Mama?

10 Jun 2018 at 20:26hrs | Views
Chamisa's advisers tell him to lie, shout, make a lot of noise and utter falsehood as much as he can until July the 30 the election day. Chamisa does that eloquently, does not disappoint. Malema's words of wisdom come in: let's just ask Joshua Nkomo what we people of Mathebeleland should do under such catch 22 situations we find ourselves in. Joshua should give us signs, what we should do in these coming elections. We vote for Chamisa: Mathebeleland is doomed. In Chamisa there can be another Gugurahundi number two easily, the young man is merciless in dealing with dissenting voices. We vote for the unimaginable crocodile Mnangagwa: Mathebeleland is doomed. Mathebeleland hope in Chamisa: a man who took over the leadership of MDC-T by hook and crook.

Not so long ago, the peoples of Mathebeleland filled the White City Stadium hearing falsehood from Chamisa and they cheered and almost collapsed with admiration of the young man. From his falsehood speeches, they thought they found a messiah in Chamisa who was going to solve the problems bedeviling this forgotten region of Mathebeleland as a whole.

The people of Matabeleland have not learned anything at all: for all these years of suffering, they have learned nothing. It is unimaginable how they allow themselves to get used and abused by these parties: MDC comes to Matabeleland at election season to harvest votes and they are not seen or heard for five years. The gullible people of Matabeleland fall for them and they do vote for MDC and Zanu PF to make them actually win the votes. They get abandoned for 5 years by those very parties they will have voted for. What development do we see on the ground that informs us that voting for MDC or Zanu PF brings change to this region?

Chamisa comes to Bulawayo for a rally that was packed, packed to the brim. No sitting places were visible in that rally. What does Chamisa do: he urinates at them Ndebeles and the Ndebeles clap hands, they tell Chamisa he is the savior, the messiah for the region: incredible, unimaginable, and preposterous?

Bantu benkosi: this boy is fake, Chamisa is folk-tongued: he says one thing and is saying the opposite the next day. His followers including some of them in Mathebeleland see no evil in him. They are completely fascinated by the fake speeches and fake promises Chamisa continues to make. Chamisa made a fool of himself: still makes a fool of himself by uttering the unimaginable. He said he was going to address the Gugurahundi atrocities when he came to Mathebeleland White City rally. But in his BBC interview he categorically put it on the note he will not be looking at the rear mirror all the time. Chamisa said in his BBC interview verbatim: "He cannot go forward while looking at the rearview mirror repeatedly." Chamisa won't take Mugabe and all those criminals and thugs involved in genocide atrocities.

Chamisa is saying let-bygones be bygones. This is the language that Mnangagwa utters in his rallies. Chamisa is saying there are no Gugurahundi atrocities that are going to be addressed. My question is: are Matabele people comfortable with that, to be cheated openly you get along with it? That simply means he lies to the people of this region left, right and center to get votes in the coming elections. Which people are cheated by Chamisa mostly: Is it not the people of Matabeleland who think Chamisa is going to address the Gugurahundi issue once and for all.

The peoples of Mathebeleland think Chamisa is going to bring progress in this region: you are doomed to think like that. There is no progress that Chamisa is bringing in the region. Chamisa is farting on our faces and we take it as if he did not fart. We pretend that Chamisa did not urinate on our faces. What is wrong with these people of Matabeleland? Something is fundamentally wrong with us all because of the way we helplessly let ourselves get used and abused: it is not normal by any standard.

Chamisa nurtures the good relationship with his uncle Emmerson Mnangagwa. This lashing of Mnangagwa is just election talk and it deceives the electorate. The electorate does not see we are taken for a ride. Just two weeks ago Chamisa wrote Mnangagwa a letter asking if they could form a government of national unity. Is Mathebeleland convinced that a GNU composed of Chamisa and Mnangagwa can bring any meaningful change in our region? Is that not betrayal of the first order? Chamisa is the last person to take on Mnangagwa head-on regarding the genocide atrocities in Matabeleland, the crimes committed in the farm invasions in 2000, crimes committed in the Murambatsvina of 2005.

 Chamisa is in cahoots with Mnangagwa and Mugabe as we speak today. Zanu Pf murdered, raped and maimed MDC-T supports during the 2008 elections and Chamisa will overlook and disregard all that when he is made President because these elections are all about HIM and nobody else. It's about Chamisa to become President in these elections and nothing else. Any Mathebele citizen who thinks Chamisa is going to put Mnangagwa on the dock and try him of crimes against genocide, crimes he committed in the early independence of Zimbabwe needs psychological help seriously. Chamisa is talking with Mugabe as we speak and we do not know what they are talking about.

 But on the other hand the people of Matabeleland are fascinated about the Ben-10 called Chamisa: they are going to vote for him; how sad, how misplaced, and how stupid. At best can the peoples of Mathebeleland not go to vote than to vote wrongly? Just boycott these elections altogether. You lose nothing more than we have already lost. We lost lives and those lives are to date not accounted for. Mnangagwa openly does not entertain any truth and reconciliation from the victims of genocide and crimes against humanity. Instead, he sends his Vice President Mohadi to utter insulting statements on the victims of genocide and crimes against humanity: forget about Gugurahundi: Mzilikazi and Gugurahundi same, same! Basta. We are to take this as solution to our genocide past.

Our stupid people from Matabeleland will vote for them come July 30th. Some misplaced Mafa Magalela is working hard to make sure Mathebeleland votes for Chamisa: later be VP for Chamisa, a person who hides behind Joshua Nkomo's legacy to gain credibility and acceptance from MDC-T and Chamisa. We don't know this person called Mafa Magalela in our Zapu days at all. He has to convince us where he was during the struggle. His claims do not tally with our knowledge of people who were in the struggle. He is at pains in sugar-coating his credentials to be near to our icon: Joshua Nkomo as possible.

When Chamisa says he will rename Zimbabwe to Great Zimbabwe, Who did he consult to rename the country? Is he just going to do what he wants with Zimbabwe, about Zimbabwe? Can we not see that this young man is a dictator worse than Gabriel Mugabe? Was there a referendum that suggested that Zimbabwe should be renamed or is it just in his "Alice in Wonderland dreams?" Great Zimbabwe is a regional name and not to impose it on all the ethnics groups in the country. This country is supposed to be renamed to be called Mthwakazi because this name comes from the San populations: Abathwa, the owners of these lands before all northerners and southerners occupied this country. (did you hear that properly?)

When Chamisa promises the country Israel that there shall be diplomatic relations between the two countries, is Chamisa informed about what is going on in the Middle East? Has he ever informed himself about Jewish-Palestinian conflicts of decades? Does Chamisa know how many Palestinian lives are lost every day because of this Middle-East conflict? President Sheikh Ishmail Duwa worries and is genuinely concerned about the short-sighted presidential aspirant Chamisa who disregards the loss of lives: 60 young Palestinians were gunned down cold-blood by the Israeli forces not so long ago.

Chamisa sees no evil in this because he says he chases the dollar: Can a dollar and the inviolability of life put at the same pedestal without asking your inner moral compass: those morals that inform what is good and bad? Were we not told that Chamisa is a pastor: a pastor who supposedly worships money/dollar than the dignity of humankind: no respect for the thousands if not millions of Palestineans who have been murdered by the Jewish regime since the inception of a Jewish state in 1949? Chamisa is taking this country to Israel because of his fanatic religious inclinations. He is now dragging the whole country to his dreams of "Alice in Wonderland", however very limited and small minded. Whoever read that book "Alice in Wonderland" it is obvious that in every encounter she found herself into, Alice asked pertinent questions all the time because everything did not make sense to her.

The peoples of Mathebeleland and the women of Zimbabwe should wake up and smell the coffee. Vote wisely in the coming elections. Chamisa is too dangerous to usher him to the echelons of power: do not give Chamisa any presidency because he is too immature for the post. Chamisa is drunk with power already before he even has got that power. Chamisa is misogynistic, nondemocratic, a name dropper: Donald Trump promised 15 billion, Kagame is my ICT student. He lies about everything, ruffles anyone to seek attention. The mobs, the crown, follow him behind to enjoy lairs told broad daylight: worst still they believe those lies.

We write these articles to inform the generation in future. Uncle Google catches these articles, lucky enough. We shall not be here to tell you that: "we told you so" that Chamisa is as wrong a choice in 2018 as Mugabe was wrong a choice in 1980. Sadly Chamisa's popularity is the one we know too well, as it resembles the popularity of Robert Gabriel Mugabe in 1980. We are now wise enough to tell who is a fake politician in the group of all presidential candidates. Not only is Chamisa fake but a dangerous political leader. Did Hitler-Germany not get the same gatherings at his rallies as Chamisa in his wide-country rallies? The difference could be that Chamisa has not started killing yet. The fact that he has a secret squad of rogues and thugs he sends to beat those who oppose Chamisa. Ask Mangoma, ask Thokozani Khuphe, ask those who have been beaten by Chamisa thugs to the point of being set on fire in a thatched hut, sent by none either than Chamisa himself.

We are horrified at the thought of Mnangagwa winning elections, but we must be petrified with fear if Chamisa won the elections on the other hand. Zimbabwe finds itself between rock and hard-surface. Whether it's Mnangagwa or Chamisa rising to power next month the people of Matabeleland are losers both ways. Strange enough the Mathebeleland people do not see the dilemma we are in as a region. They do not see how they get abused by these two parties: MDC and Zanu PF. It is for this reason that we have to ask "Mama" if she can give us some signs, what we should do, we are at cross-roads. Please mama; give us a sign. In such a situation Matabeleland could easily boycott the elections altogether.

I would have loved to take a break from Zimbabwean politics and watch the politics in Zimbabwe unfold until the elections. I can see I cannot help it but to take my pen once more and comment once more about Chamisa in Wonderland. It is also a sad fact that our electorate is not smart enough to see through their leaders and rulers. Professor Lumumba said it all: those with power have no ideas but those with ideas have no power and the electorate has the affinity to those with power but without ideas!! God bless this country called Zimbabwe.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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