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Chamisa's Alliance with Grace and Bob shows a short memory or worse

11 Jun 2018 at 09:10hrs | Views
Mugabe is backing Nelson Chamisa. It's official. While I hear the hardcore Vanguard of the MDC cry, "we can't help who endorses us", the response should be "yes you can".

When Jealousy Mawarire stands next to Chamisa at a rally; you can stop that.

When your leadership is meeting with Grace Mugabe to discuss strategy and funding; you can stop that.

When your leader refuses to criticize Mugabe by name; you can stop that.

When your leadership has formally brought in elements of the Robert Mugabe sponsored NPF; you can stop that.

This is not a passive move.  This not a "thanks for supporting us from afar" reality. This is a conscious and strategic alliance.  This is a shrewd and evil act of Realpolitik which is opening the door to Grace and Robert to walk right back into State House.

Has he forgotten everything? I know Chamisa is young, but he is not young enough to forget his own beatings.  He is not young enough to forget the national silencing, the crushing oppression, the violence, the poverty.  He knows just what and who Mugabe is.  And he knows there is a quid pro quo.

So what has Mugabe been promised.  He wouldn't just throw millions at Chamisa for no reason.  He wouldn't allow his nearest and dearest (including his all powerful wife) to support the MDC if he wasn't receiving something real in return.

Maybe Mugabe has been promised power?  Maybe Grace has been promised a political position in the administration? Maybe the former first couple have been promised immunity for all their heinous corruption, for their raping of our blessed lands over decades.  The 15 billion dollars of diamonds which went missing are still missing.  We have no answers.  We have no real investigations. And we have no prime suspects.  And if the Chamisa Mugabe partnership is allowed to continue we never will.

Not only does Chamisa have a short memory, he also has a lack of respect. A lack of respect for the late MDC leader; Morgan Tsvangirai. A lack of respect for the people of Zimbabwe who suffered for so long under the Mugabe's dictatorial rule. Since November there has been a feeling of hope in the streets. From Pariah State to the darling of Africa, we are truly back on the map.  Why on earth then would this young icon of hope for so many do a dirty deal with the olddevil?

When you play with fire, you inevitably get burnt.
And as Chamisa dances with the devil here, I fear all of us get dragged back down into hell.

Source - Mike, Harare
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