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Mudzuri hints at turmoil in the MDC T

11 Jun 2018 at 18:58hrs | Views
"Let us preserve MDC T. It is the core of the Alliance. We must carry everyone along to July 30 ...... past the winning post."

Mudzuri hints at turmoil in the MDC-T after the chaotic primary elections that have seemingly plunged the MDC-T party into a vicious circle of deception and disguise. Reading into the Vice President's tweet, it goes without saying that there seems that the MDC Alliance boat has hit turbulent waters with just a few weeks before the 30 July harmonized elections. The recently held primary elections culminated in the elbowing out of old cadres such as Majome, Kore, Chimanikire, Mudzuri from parliament. To all intends and purposes, Mudzuri refers to these old cadres in his tweet as the core and umbilical code of the Alliance.

Responding to Mudzuri's tweet, one Larry Moyo had this to say, "In reality Alliance partners are as good as parasites getting a free ride to "parly" in apparent reference to passenger partners in the Alliance such as Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti whom Chamisa bluntly told during the Alliance Manifesto launch that he wasn't going to parcel out government and ministerial posts if they get into government.

One follower by the moniker Gangemukange responded that, "It's a tragedy Nelson Chamisa ari kuvhima nemunyu muhomwe. He manipulates just about everyone else and every situation. He is beholden to the villainous Tendai Biti & Welshman Ncube's Alliance leash embroidered together for convenience purposes". Gangemukange's likens the ambitious Nelson Chamisa to a hunter who is dreamily already stewing his prey. This brings out his weakness which makes him vunerable to Tendai and Welshman's malicious political machinations It has always been clear that the MDC-T's biggest undoing has been allowing the conflation of 2 roguish elements in the characters of Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube around a viciously ambitious young man bend on his knavery under the guise of an Alliance. Lewa Rudo Luthando concurred with this assertion and said that the MDC-T does not need to carry such corrupt people to Parliament at the expense of their loyal competent members.

It is apparent that the Alliance's main object so far has been creating discord in the MDC-T if the Khupe split, the MDC Alliance seat parceling, the subsequent chaotic primary elections just witnessed is anything to read much into.

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Source - Alliah Towo
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