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The day the MDC died

13 Jun 2018 at 08:30hrs | Views
There are lots of stages in the life of a political party or movement. There is the founding, the constitution, the vision it sets for itself, if it remains true to its values, and whether it is able to present itself as a viable alternative to the public.

Many parties and movements have disappeared into the mist of history, but frequently it is hard to put a finger on exactly when it dies.

However, on Monday 11th June, it became clear that the Movement for Democratic Change died.

With growing evidence that the party founded and run by Robert and Grace Mugabe, the National Patriotic Front, was working in close corporation with the MDC with many reports saying they will run together, MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa refused to deny what is now proving to be a reality.

"Whoever wants to join us is welcome," said Chamisa when directly asked about the involvement of the party of Bob and Grace Mugabe. In other words, the MDC sees so no moral or ethical problem with forming a coalition with the very same people the party was formed to stand against.

If, in Chamisa's words, everyone is welcome to join the MDC regardless of what they stand for then the MDC clearly no longer stands for anything. It has become a mere tool for the grandiose ambitions of its leadership, nothing more and nothing less.

That it sees no barrier to getting into bed with its ostensible archenemies smashes so many red lines that clearly the party no longer has boundaries, ideology or a vision, it is merely an amalgamation of wildly differing parts with nothing binding them together.

This is no longer the MDC.

This is not the MDC that was formed as a direct opposition to Mugabe from members of the broad coalition of civic society groups and individuals that campaigned for a "No" vote in the 2000 constitutional referendum.

This is not the MDC whose members would oppose Mugabe with every fibre of their body, even at great risk to prevent the former dictator from plunging Zimbabwe into oppression and economic ruin.

This is not the MDC that was constantly hounded by Mugabe and his goons, unable to congregate, demonstrate or hold meetings.

No, this is the MDC which invites Jealously Mawarire, Mugabe's mouthpiece to address a rally. This is the MDC which marches alongside Mugabe goons like former Chipango militia leader Jim Kunaka through the streets of Harare.

This is the MDC which openly and unfortunately, proudly, allows Bob and Grace a place at the podium of the party, movement and alliance. This is the party which partners and sups with the devil.

This is the MDC that is no longer the MDC, and yesterday, sadly but clearly, it died.

Source - Mike Tawanda Dube
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