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Only a revolution will remove Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF from power

14 Jun 2018 at 07:06hrs | Views
Mnangagwa signed the election proclamation two weeks ago after he got an electronic copy of the voters roll. As Zanu PF's Presidential Candidate, he has the updated voters roll. He's given it to Rugeje, ZanuPF Commissar, Justice Minister Ziyambi who oversees ZEC, also has a copy! Said Prof Jonathan Moyo yesterday on his twitter blog, considering that Jonathan Moyo was believed to have captured the intelligence organisation prior to the November coup such a man can be trusted when he is saying rigging is underway while he also said he can swear before oath that Zanu Pf has always received the voter's role first. Nelson Chamisa and his Alliance partners are just power hungry and this guys they think Zanu Pf have changed forgetting that in 2013 the late Morgan Tsvangirai was told by South Africa counterparts on behalf of SADC not to participate in those elections before critical reforms were implemented but then the late Morgan Tsvangirai had the balls to enter into the lion's den only to woke up when the damage had already been done.

Former USA president J.F Kennedy once said "a society whose young man and women are in a state of constant slumber will never realise their potential", It is high time that the Zimbabweans especially the youths should now take the leading role such as the ones which happened in Soweto in 1969 and 1976 while recently in the Arab Spring and the great ouster from power of former Burkina Faso president Blaise Compare in 2014. Coming back to my article I want to make it clear that only a revolution will sink the famous "Ship called Zanu Pf" from power. Asking for reforms from Zanu Pf it's a waste of time cause it's just like asking a hyena to set an assembly on how good should be preserved it is a tragedy of gigantic proportion. They is nothing good that will ever come out of Mnangagwa and his team especially the military led government. Whether ZEC denies its connections with Zanu Pf or not that body is directly controlled by Zanu Pf and the 2008 election scenario can prove that, how the George Chiweshe led ZEC handled those elections to the extent that election results were released a month later. The boardroom rituals which are done by the Central Committee have already endorsed and elected Mnangagwa into power and voting on 30 July will be just a mere formality.

The Vice President Chiwenga and his then army carders embarked on the November coup not necessarily to save or bring back Mnangagwa into power but it was virtually a battle for political survival, if Chiwenga had not done that move to oust Mugabe, He Chiwenga could be behind bars right now at Chikurubi or he could have fled the boarders just like Mandi Chimene the former Manicaland Provincial Minister. Chiwenga's life was in danger just like the life of Mnangagwa hence the general had to make a gamble in which he later succeeded. If the November coup had not happened the old older as Mnangagwa always barks out would still be in power. However in caring the coup they needed the people of Zimbabwe who were later used to oust Mugabe not knowing that it was just merely a Zanu Pf "dog eat dog" fight. Zimbabweans were used by Chiwenga and Zanu Pf and after the coup the government set up proved to everybody that was basically a game of thrones in Zanu Pf. It is only in Zimbabwe where you see its youths are arguably in a deep slumber in which they have been captured and imprisoned by following EPL football teams such as Arsenal and Manchester United while the young women have been imprisoned by "Korean Love Soaps". Zimbabweans youths it's high time to rise up from this deep sleep. Your vote won't count but your voice and action will count.

Just like Chiwenga and team of those former soldiers had to stage a revolution to save their destiny from wearing prison gab or rot in exile. The youths must rise up. Zanu Pf have urinated on top of your heads for a long time it's time to act not to vote. For the past decade countries such as Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa have been developing in every sector while their social services have been greatly appreciated by the UN. However it is the opposite for Zimbabwe as a country which was once a bread basket of Africa was turned into a begging basket by the Mugabe and his allies' regime. The health sector, educational sector, industry sector were all destroyed by Zanu Pf regime and today educated Zimbabweans have been reduced to vendors locally and waitrons in South Africa. This evil regime will never win a free and fair election as it will always make ways through rigging, however if the ballot did not remove Mugabe the same method can be used as well to remove this deep rooted rigging and evil party. Zimbabweans should take lessons from past elections that voting doesn't count at all cost. Only and it is only through a revolution that people will be able to bury Zanu Pf once and for all. Zimbabweans have suffered for a long time and voting for Emmerson Munangagwa won't do any good to anyone but more harm.

Time to Rise Zimbabwe

Knowledge Hakata is an avant garde political commentator and also the co-founder of Demos Cratos. He can be contacted on

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