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Dabengwa has proven why l should die ZAPU, Prop CHAMISA!

15 Jun 2018 at 19:59hrs | Views
As our Nation slowly learns how a Democracy works, ZAPU has proven that it is still the highly principled Party it was in 1957. To say ZAPU, actually means, Zimbabweans who are Focused on Unity and Prosperity for All.

From 1957, being led by a forty year old Joshua Nkomo, our party conscientised our people to fight for our freedom. We gave Zimbabwe a name "Zimbabwe". We  taught our people to say "no to Second Class Status" forced on us by Colonialism. We taught our young men how to fight a war. We taught Mugabe from the pathetic temporary teacher he was, into a politician. We taught Mnangagwa from an expelled Rhodesian he was, into a politician.

We are a reputable University of Practical Politics in Zimbabwe. We have a set of rules which make us unique. We are patient, tolerant, reasonable, factfull, honest, highly temperemental, all embracing, religiously humble, slow to act, decisive, self sacrificing and all this we do because we want our country to be successful.

My President, Dr Dabengwa, has proven once again to ME as a minor individual, that he still holds the old and trusted fibres of ZAPU.

We are ZAPU, we refused as long ago as in 1957 to be divided by advesary Political Scientists. President Mugabe spent 53 years trying to exhibit ZAPU as a Regional Party. In the last days of his reign, he ended up trusting ZAPU than his own wild monster ZAPU. Mugabe remembered how he divided the struggle in 1963 countering ZAPU by tribal politics.

ZAPU stood its ground and refused to be reduced into tribal backwardness even under the knife of Gukurahundi. Lately in 2009, ZAPU faced an internal rebellion led by people who were later found to be Mnangagwa's people based in South Africa. This group of people formed a party which was supposed to be tribal, and purportedly sympathetic to ZAPU. This party started to attack our late leader Dr Joshua Nkomo, accusing him of having rejected a cessation ideology to divide our country into two. The anger was really justified everyday by children who were born after 1980 and had experienced Mugabe's tribal marginalisation which affected them. Even when clear empirical evidence was there, ZAPU principly refused to act on the dictates of emotion. We kept our 1957 promise to the people of Zimbabwe.

We are ZAPU, we are painfully principled. Even when Mugabe deserted us after we had taught him politics in 1963, we remained principled and loyal to the promises of liberation we had promised the people of Zimbabwe in 1957.

We are ZAPU, principality is our virtue. Emerson Mnangagwa deserted us in 1967 when we had militarily trained him in Egypt. We still clung to the loyalty of being a disciplined Zimbabwean. We let Mnangagwa join a cult which only focused on enriching Mugabe and uplifting the politics of tribe. We knew, as ZAPU,  that those two values would die and the ZAPU original vision of 1957 would last for ever.

We are ZAPU, patient and resolute! In 1983, our leader Dr Joshua Nkomo wrote Mugabe a letter from exile, warning him that the politics of tribe was unsustainable in a diverse country like Zimbabwe. In 2017, long after our leader had passed on, we stood as witnesses when the politics of tribe started to melt against its creators. We were witnesses when Mrs Mugabe was warning Mnangagwa that Zezuru was unconquerable. These are the things we, as ZAPU, forsaw, as long back as 1957.

We are ZAPU, we are patient enough to watch and wait. In 2017, we saw Emerson Mnangagwa being humiliated for being a Karen Karanga and yet years ago in 1967, he left ZAPU, claiming that Zanu was his real home on grounds of the tribe of the man who was leading Zanu.

Tribe does not work in Zimbabwe. What works is Zimbabwean Zimbabweaness and this is the key principle under which ZAPU was formed. Divisions were a tool of Colonialism. Thus how they conquered Africa. They found Africa to be divisible and exploitable. Mugabe used the same template to loot Zimbabwean wealth. He divided weak minds and remained with free access into our National coffers.

Our country has always needed the undying principality of ZAPU, to unite our country for a good cause.

When a young and clean man rose in the MDC, ZAPU, assessed the young and learning Chamisa. We were immediately reminded of a day in 1957 when we anointed a 40 year young man called Nkomo, and honed and sharpened him to become the bespoke leader we yearned for.

Nelson Chamisa is NOT a perfect leader at all. But, as afore stated, we, as ZAPU have done this before. We know how to lead a leader. Thus why at the end of his political life, Mugabe reverted and trusted the constance of the ZAPU leaders. He even wanted Dabengwa back, but, Mugabe, like Mnangagwa, have sinned so much against Zimbabweans that they can never be clensed.

This writer, declared two months ago, that I would be an MDC-VOTING ZAPU MEMBER. I am exceedingly humbled that my President, Dr Dumiso Dabengwa has concluded that Chamisa needs our mentorship.

I am glad that I can now propagate for Chamisa's MDC with the full backing of my President. I will remain ZAPU throughout my life, because ZAPU proved long before I was born, that it is a well intended, all embracing and truly Zimbabwean Party of Excellence.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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