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If I can be Chamisa’s advisor only for a day

17 Jun 2018 at 11:39hrs | Views
Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo,Sr Pic Credit; Raisa Galofre.
Nelson kindly allow me to be your advisor only for today. In Shona they say ‘vamwe vakaudzwa hondo nemurwere wepfungwa' which can be loosely translated as, in life you can get advice even from the most despised person in the community. I am writing from the dusty streets of Kwekwe and I hope you will get a chance from your busy schedule to read this letter.

All things being equal (if 2018 elections are done freely and fairly) you are the next President of Zimbabwe. People can dispute that only to quench their egos but if we may be objective, chances are high that if elections are done in a credible manner you are going to be the next President. Millions of Zimbabweans (who are tired of ZANU-PF rule like me) are banking their hopes on you that you are the Joshua who can take us to the much anticipated promised land. However there are a few issues which I would like to raise Comrade, I would have loved to meet you in person but it's not easy for a grassroots activist like me to get that chance.

If you are not wise enough the MDC Alliance will be the next ZANU-PF.

Nelson, the greatest mistake which Robert Mugabe did which contributed a lot to his downfall was his tolerance to kleptocracy, thugocracy, political corruption and how he surrounded himself with cheerleaders and criminals. Mugabe turned ZANU-PF into a den of clowns, thieves and killers, he didn't mind whatever those criminals around him were doing bleeding the country dry because there were very loyal to him at that time. But one day chickens came home to roost and it all backfired on him when his gang of thieves after feeding them in his own palace for almost four decades turned against him. There are a lot of thugs, violent people and potential killers in your party who are so obsessed with an ‘I can kill for Chamisa' attitude. My brother whilst this maybe to your advantage at the moment but don't tolerate thugocracy. Cases of violence and people being beaten during MDC Alliance primary elections (intra-party violence) worried me a lot. Honestly if you don't deal with those violent, rowdy elements and thugs in your party I have no doubt that your party will be the next ZANU-PF. Show the world that your party believes in democratic values and principles by being different from ZANU-PF and by tolerating diversity within your party. Unity does not mean uniformity. Those with divergent views in your party must be respected and tolerated not harassed or beaten. The so called Vanguard must be a group of young people advocating for peace and democracy not ma youth anofamba achirova vanhu nokuti zvinobva zvaita kuti mufanane nema Taliban e ZANU-PF (the youth league must be known for going around preaching peace and democracy not beating people that will make them look like the ZANU-PF youth league which is known for perpetrating violence). Uproot thugocracy which is growing in your party, failure to do that am afraid you are on the path of becoming the next ZANU-PF.

The primary elections which your party had ahead of the harmonized elections scheduled for July 2018 were a total mess. I can't blame you alone on this one but if I may be candid, you are surrounded by liars and power mongers who are pursuing their personal interests not the interests of the party. People around you are not telling you the truth Nelson, most of them are just trying to use you to get what they want and this is going to cost you in the coming elections. There are three issues which I noticed in your primary elections which made me believe that your party (if you don't attend to these issues as soon as possible) is on the path of becoming the next ZANU-PF;

Intra-party violence and thugocracy; To add an insult to an injury most of the thugs who perpetrated violence during primary elections beating up other party members for exercising their democratic rights of supporting  candidates of their choice are walking scot free. I think having been victims of Mugabe's orchestrated political persecution all these years you and I can agree that violence must not be condoned. Impunity being given to rowdy elements within your party worries me a lot.

Rigging;  There was no clear voters roll during primary elections and one could not tell who is an eligible MDC T member. There were a lot of different lists of your party structures with different names so one could not tell which one is an eligible structure which must be considered as the voter roll for the primary elections. Does it mean you don't have a database of your party members? The primary elections done by your party in some constituencies and wards out there were sham polls full of rigging, manipulation and electoral fraud. If you failed to come out with a clear internal voters roll of your own party, how are going to handle the national voters roll if you get it?

Imposition of candidates; This is going to cost you in the coming elections because some of the candidates of the MDC Alliance were imposed and are not popular with the electorate. Since primary elections were not done in a free and fair manner some of your candidates are not going to win because they came through the back door therefore people will protest in the ballot. I personally talked to many of the candidates who defected from your party and are now contesting as independents. Most of the cases and issues they were raising were very genuine. Your party's failure to solve those critical and genuine concerns showed me that you are surrounded by liars, power hungry people and a very weak national executive which has deviated from democratic principles and values. I am just being honest with you because I know very few have the guts to tell you the truth and I don't want you to fall in the same trap which destroyed Robert Mugabe. Kune dzimwe nzvimbo MDC Alliance ichadyiwa kwete nekuti haidiwi nevanhu but bato renyu raka imposer mamwe ma candidates asingadiwi nevanhu  and it's going to cost you. Huyai pa ground munzwe zvichemo zvine vanhu vebato renyu musanyanyovimbe zvamuri kuudzwa ne varikumusoro ikoko vazhinji vacho varevi venhema. (In some constituencies the MDC Alliance is going to lose  not because people do not like it but candidates there were imposed and this is going to cost you. Don't trust most of the things which your top brass is telling you, many of them are liars with personal agendas and they misled you in the just ended primary elections. Visit your structures and listen to the issues that they have as soon as possible. You are likely to win the Presidency but your party is fragmenting and it is currently in shambles. I pray that God gives you wisdom to reinforce it before things gets out of hand).

Politics of entitlement; The Chinhu Chedu Syndrome.

Most of the war veterans (former freedom fighters) in Zimbabwe feel like they have the title deeds of this country simply because they liberated us from colonial rule. I do not need to tell you more about this because you were victimized several times by unruly war vets who think they own this country. Sadly even in the pro-democracy movement we now have Comrades who believe that for one to be an eligible leader he or she must have a background in the students union. I know of many Comrades who think that the students union is the only oven where real leaders are incubated. Some of them are even around you waiting to unionize everything in the corridors of power when you become President. Nelson, leaders come from diverse backgrounds with different talents and capabilities. I (and many others out there) did not come from the students union because my parents at that time could not afford to send me to university but the little influence I have in my community might also help your government. I am not talking about myself per se but I am concerned about dozens of capable leaders who are in the dustbins because they do not have student leadership credentials and they are being sidelined because of that by those who think they own the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe. Politics of entitlement does not work, diversify your support base and embrace everyone, like I said in the beginning vamwe vakaudzwa hondo nemurwere wepfungwa. Some barefooted people in the rural communities out there might have the influence and strategies which might help you penetrate their communities even if they might not have college degrees but they are very useful. Be a unifier and a father of all democratic forces regardless of backgrounds or academic credentials. The Chinhu Chedu syndrome must not be tolerated, Zimbabwe belongs to us all and no one has monopoly on ideas.

Godfatherism in provinces; There are a lot of God fathers and mothers in your party who are destroying the entire movement because of their selfish interests and egos. Most of them are founding members of your party and they are now running it like their private estate shutting the door to potential leaders who they think are a threat to the empires which they are building for themselves. Unfortunately these God fathers and mothers are trusted by the national leadership at Morgan Tsvangirai House where they usually go to tarnish the names of potential leaders who they see as threats in their provinces. These Comrades are afraid of talent and they want to remain the tallest trees in the jungle that is why they make sure that they destroy or assassinate the character of any leader who is showing too much potential in the party. As a result mkoma bato renyu razara nema dofo nenyaya yekuti vane njere dzinogona kusimudza musangano uyu varikuvharirwa panze muma provinces umo nema Godfathers awa. (As a result your party is now in the hands of incompetent Comrades because people with the brains to take the party forward are not being given the chance to do so since all the space is being monopolized by these Godfathers). It is even known by most of your party members that for one to be able to contest for any position in the party you need their blessings first because they run the party like their own tuckshop. Most of them are very allergic to democracy and are certified dictators who are compromising the party for their own personal interests. Do your own investigations on this issue, most of the God fathers and mothers of your party, the so called senior members are the acid which is corroding your party at grassroots level feeding you with lies every day as they try to position themselves ahead of the 2019 congress. They love power more than the party and those people are very dangerous Nelson. If you know what is good for you get rid of those Godfathers musangano udzokere kuvanhu.

You are now a national leader (fatherly figure) speak like one;

You are now a national leader and a fatherly figure in Zimbabwe not a student or a youth leader so I would like to advise you to speak like a father. Many of my friends and Comrades who are student leaders enjoy throwing big words and jaw breakers which does not mean anything to the targeted audience. It's no longer the time to expect us to sing ‘seva seva iwe' for you enjoying nice speeches which does not have results, this is not student politics anymore dzave nyika idzi mkoma. Yes sevai asi sevai zvine chiremera sababa venyika musangonakirwa nekutaura zvinhu zvisina zvazvinobatsira nyika. I am not saying that's what you do am just advising you so that you don't became another Robert Mugabe who could get a standing ovation at the African Union yet his country was in shambles. This country is need of leaders who can deliver not orators. You are at the make or break moment of your political career, don't destroy yourself with your own mouth like Grace Mugabe.

Always respect your wife and stick to her and her only.

A female friend of mine told me that she is going to vote for you because you are very handsome (whatever that means). You are very youthful and energetic, there are a lot of people who will come your way for different reasons. I am glad you are a pastor think about how the biblical mighty Samson fell from grace, not only him think about the wisest man King Solomon and how he ended up in a broken fellowship with God. You are not immune to that be careful. Always respect your wife vakakudai maiguru zvehuPresident zvisati zvavepo izvi mukatambura mese kana ishe akuropafadzai pindaiwo muhushe mese. Mukavarasa misodzi yavo inoudza shamhu yaMwari pamsoro penyu.

Coin inclusive slogans, I don't like the Chete Chete Slogan.

Get people who are creative and innovative within your party to coin slogans that are inclusive, and those which reflects democratic values and principles which your party advocates for. I am sorry but I personally don't like the chete chete slogan it creates demi-Gods and ndomatangiro akaita Mugabe. Chanting slogans like Chamisa Chete Chete can be interpreted as saying you and you only must be at the helm. That reminds me of Grace Mugabe who once said only Mugabe is capable of ruling Zimbabwe and that even from his grave he will remain in charge. Sadly the Mugabes were overthrown and they can now see that it was a myth that only them were capable of ruling Zimbabwe. 2018 might be your chance to be President of Zimbabwe but always keep it at the back of your mind that you are being given a social contract by the people of Zimbabwe never ever think that you are the only one capable of being in power. Also slogans like simudza mudenga rovera pasi hezvoko bwaaa such a slogan incite violence. I would like to propose that your party coin new slogans which tolerates diversity as well as advocate for peace and democracy in the country.

Apologize to your party members;

Last but not least I think there is a need for you to say SORRY to some of your party members. Some were beaten during primary elections, others were rigged in a broad daylight, some after serving the party faithfully in council or in parliament only found themselves in the dustbins dumped by the party without any clear explanation about why the party decided to do that and many of your party members feel betrayed by how your party deviated from democratic values and principles zvinhu zvakungoitwa zvekuginyabvura kunge zvinhu zveZANU-PF and thousands of your supporters out there are hurt. I can not put all the blame on you,in some cases you were misled by your top brass and some God fathers and mothers who are manipulating you for their personal interests. But try to reach out and engage all your disgruntled members and tell them you are very sorry. The number of people who defected from your party who are now contesting the 2018 elections as independent candidates shows how the party failed to engage some members  and listen to their grievances. Most of these people did not want to stand as independents but your party leadership delayed in engaging them, some could have been calmed by this five lettered word SORRY. Don't be like President Mnangagwa who is failing to say sorry to the people of Zimbabwe for his involvement in Gukurahundi genocide. There are communities and districts which you must visit  as soon as possible just to apologise to the local leadership. It will calm some of the storms out there.

I still have the time and the energy to pen such a long letter because I believe in you Nelson, if you were Emmerson Mnangagwa I wouldn't have wasted my time throwing stones to a fruitless tree. Mnangagwa is a tried, tested and certified failure who (for the past four decades) bled Zimbabwe dry alongside Robert Mugabe.  It will be a waste of time for Zimbabweans to give him another chance. You are the beacon of hope for the people of Zimbabwe therefore you need people who can tell you the truth helping you to climb the ladder to success. The only difference left between ZANU-PF and MDC T is that ZANU-PF if the push comes to shove it can kill or butcher its perceived opponents. I am afraid that thugs around you (basing on what I observed in the just ended primary elections) if they remain in charge of your party internal processes by 2023 MDC T will also be killing people. I recommend that your party peacefully get rid of those rowdy elements in the coming 2019 congress if you still want to remain a democracy movement.

I am available to meet you in person if I get the chance. May I wish you well in the coming elections. If the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is going to do a free and fair election, you are likely to win Nelson. This is why I have penned this letter from the bottom of my heart because I want you to be a better President and a leader who will wipe the tears trimming down the chicks of millions of Zimbabweans. I hope you will take the issues I have raised in this letter seriously, a listening President will always prosper. The penitent thief on the cross asked Jesus to remember him when he gets into his kingdom. May I (on behalf of comrades in grassroots communities out there) ask you not to forget us when you become President. We might not be privileged to sit at the high table with you but the little that we can do especially in the ballot box in support of your leadership matters most.

May God save the Republic of Zimbabwe.

God bless you Nelson.
Behold the New!
Truly Yours
Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo,Sr
Human Rights Defender and Democracy Activist
Whatsapp +32485850059

Source - Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyoo
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