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Dzimiri; bootlicking is just below the pale!

17 Jun 2018 at 16:49hrs | Views
I read your article with dismay arguing your absolute loyalty to Zapu, unfortunately for wrong reasons this time around. If you have nothing better to say it's best to keep your silence! You cannot endorse General Dabengwa if he is going astray. General Dabengwa going to bed with Chamisa is a great cause for concern. You are failing Mathebeleland in your hero-worshiping General Dumiso Dabengwa. The General should never be hero-worshiped if he is politically failing the peoples of this region. We need to openly critique him and make it clear we are not happy about his sudden love for MDC Alliance with Zapu. It is wholly inconceivable to think that General Dabengwa can be an underling of Chamisa.

Evidently, General Dabengwa has failed to rise up as legitimate leader of Mathebeleland. The people of Mathebeleland shun Zapu because they feel they need a new leader altogether and certainly not Dr. Dabengwa. I wonder where all this accolades of General Dumiso Dabengwa from Dzimiri come from; it was General Dabengwa after the coup that wanted to join the gravy train of Mnangagwa junta but was sidelined by the very comrades in the Zanu-PF: Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa and all others. They had promised him to be the Vice-President of the Mnangagwa dispensation. When the selection of leadership happened, his name never pitched up!

Where is the Mathebeleland water Project???? Where, what and who are the people of Mathebeleland without a leader after Joshua Nkomo? Has it ever crossed into your mind why the people of Mathebeleland do not want to hear about General Dabengwa, why they will not vote for Zapu in the first place? Remember too that this party Zapu that you are praising has never won elections ever since Dr Joshua Nkomo died in 1999. Zapu lost elections in 2014 embarrassingly when MDC-T boycotted the by-elections. Not even a counsellor seat did Zapu get in their territory: in Bulawayo, Math South and North. Now what exactly are you praising?

In November 2017, we saw General Dabengwa at the glare of the South African Media supporting the Mnangagwa junta, the military coup in November 2017 and declaring his commitment to be part of the government of Mnangagwa. He was sidelined by the very comrades who courted him to join the coup: after the coup, having spoken for the junta so positively, he was left hanging to dry. Before the coup took place, we had read that the very War-Vets made several visits in General Dabengwa in his Harare Strathaven residence, courting him to be part of the Junta to down Mugabe, but when the coup was successfully executed, the very War-Vets did not know him. Mohadi was chosen as Vice President on a Zapu-Alliance ticket of 1987 instead.

Are you telling us all that those are the values and principles we are to embrace as peoples of Mathebeleland region? Who and what is Chamisa compared to Dabengwa and with all his military and intelligence experience from the liberation war and after independence? Was General Dabengwa not trained in Russia, correctly said the Soviet Union? If you are scared of telling the truth if you are a bootlicker then can you please do it privately. The least that Mathebeleland wants is a bootlicker. We want facts; we want to share with our people what we can truly deliver: not these Alice in Wonderland stories from Chamisa. We want people who will bravely stand for this region with revolutionary values and principles, not bootlicking! General Dabengwa is better served if he was told the truth.

For General Dabengwa to embrace Chamisa is a sign of the defeat of a leader, what is there for Dabengwa to embrace in a liar, a pseudo politician Chamisa. Has Chamisa not showed his callousness to all of us: he will not make Gugurahundi one his priorities when he gets to power? Is General Dabengwa comfortable with that? What is there for Dabengwa then to support Chamisa if he is not going to deal with the painful past of this region? Again there are all signs that Chamisa is just a replicate of Robert Mugabe: General Dabengwa does not see that?

Where is the desperation on the part of General Dabengwa to think he can work together with Chamisa to solve the problems in this region? Chamisa's promises to this region are just stuff and nonsense: enough to get a vote and leave the region hanging to dry. Chamisa is coming to harvest votes in this region as it has always been the case, and off he will go to join Mnangagwa dispensation. An elderly man of Dr. Dabengwa's caliber does not see this open deceit from a youthful Chamisa. Come elections of 2018, Chamisa has 50% win: will leave Dr. Dabengwa to dry just like Zanu-PF War Veterans did to him not even six months ago.

There is absolutely no comparison between General Dabengwa and Chamisa. Chamisa was born in 1978, a year before Zimbabwe got its independence. That very next year Dabengwa was an in the negotiating team to Lancaster Conference in London. With all his experience in the war and his incarceration after the liberation war and all the experience as Minister in Mugabe Cabinet, our question is, how does Dabengwa stoop so low as to embrace some little boy Chamisa today: some scatter-brained Jonny-come-lately in the politics of this country. Is Dr. Dabengwa blind to dictatorial tendencies of Chamisa worse than Robert Mugabe in 2018?

 How desperate is Dabengwa to think that he can be part of Chamisa's coming dispensation? For Dabengwa to embrace Chamisa is an admission of failure in his leadership. Dabengwa is sadly no longer t the voice of Mathebeleland by any stretch of our imagination. General Dabengwa seriously lacks what was in Joshua Nkomo as a leader: Joshua Nkomo must be turning in his grave right now.  

Do not speak on our behalf of Zapu or the peoples of this region Dzimiri. We are right now desperately looking for someone to lead us to revolutionary and ground-breaking development in this region. This region needs leadership introspection seriously; do not confuse a situation that is already very convoluted. Gugurahundi needs to be extensively revisited and those who committed those crimes must face justice. You are seriously misleading the electorate with your MDC new-found party preference.  

The peoples of Matabeleland must not vote for Zanu-PF and MDC-Alliance because those parties do not have the wishes of this region. There is nothing for us in Chamisa's future government, only few selected personalities of this region will benefit from Chamisa.  Chamisa is not going to solve our painful issues regarding Gugurahundi atrocities: he said this in his BBC-Talk very loud and clearly: point blank with Stephan Sacker.

You need to look at the chaos regarding the primary elections MDC-Alliance conducted. Chamisa imposed candidates who are his praise singers and not that they are qualified to be parliamentary candidates. Chamisa has a secret arm: some thugs that purge any dissenting voices that genuinely critic him and his leadership. Are you saying we should be part of that chaos that disregards democratic values and principles? Is Dr. Dabengwa going to be part of that chaos, is he comfortable with that?

Is General Dabengwa comfortable with Chamisa lies:  Alice in wonderland stories; 15 billion dollars from Trump, Kagame's infantile ICT services that needed Chamisa's assistance,  Induku ka Nkomo, bullet trains, spaghettis highways, airports in every village, Wifi for every villager even goats,  is General Dabengwa comfortable with Chamisa's misogynistic approach to women, is General Dabengwa comfortable with Chamisa flip-flopping with Gugurahundi issues, is Dabengwa comfortable with Chamisa bedding with Mugabe and Grace: rumour has it that Chamisa's election campaign is bank-rolled by Mugabe: is he comfortable with all that?

 A person with noble revolutionary values and principles will never think twice about a politician called Chamisa especially when one is from this region of Matabeleland.

Dr. Nkosana Moyo would rather prefer he lost elections than to be part of Chamisa's alliance: I do share his disposition and duly respect his stand now, now. He has already seen the danger of an alliance with Chamisa, a youthful leader who is wholly unpredictable and excitable: some rough-rough. But why is General Dumiso Dabengwa stooping that low to embrace a novice, some scatter-brained politician? There is nothing to endorse from Chamisa apart from to crave power, power, and power. Is that the party to be proud of, has party Zapu lost all values and principles we hold so high?     

Dzimiri, because you are a man you do not see any evil in chauvinistic and misogynistic Chamisa. Instead, you see in him open opportunities personally and certainly not the people of this region. If you had your heart in this region, you would see serious problem of making allies with Chamisa and be part of Chamisa's coming administration: wholly unfortunate. You should be excused for this folly. Any thinking woman and all those who uphold democratic principles will never vote for Chamisa and his Alliance.

When you start cursing me Dzimiri, do not forget that General Dumiso Dabengwa is a close relative. I do not critique him out of malice, but by combined and strong revolutionary convictions embedded in me at an early stage of political development. This is how I was taught politics by the founding fathers and mothers: never to betray the revolution and to always focus on values and principles. I really admire Dabengwa at home as social father and cousin-brother to me. It will remain so because the blood bonding us will never go away: but politically, critiques will continue to insist.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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