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Zapu is an Institution which has endorsed Chamisa, stop confusing Nomazulu

18 Jun 2018 at 06:25hrs | Views
Nomazulu Thata
There are so many people who were poisoned by Mugabe rule into seeing Zapu as a regional Party, or a personal or Family Project. Unfortunately, such people do pitch even from some very unexpected enclaves. These people confuse the Ndebele Nation, and try to claim custodianship of it. Sometimes they wake up early morning, cursing the very Ndebele Nation, and one is left to conclude that the United Nations was very correct to acknowledge that 70% of Zimbabweans have become insane.

Last week, our President resolved to endorse MDC President Chamisa as our election candidate. I rightfully praised my President for upholding our well-known track record in Zimbabwe, that we support whatever we deem good for the progress of our country. This morning I woke up to an attack by someone I always met at our Zapu meetings in the UK a decade ago. This lady, Nomazulu Thata, has well know cyclic bouts which can only be described as Cognitive Dissonance. One day, this lady is pro-women. On the other day, she is anti-women. One morning, this lady is a trusted and unconditional Comrade in Zapu, on the same day in the afternoon, she is a staunch enemy of the Institution of Zapu. In an hour, Nomazulu Thata is for the Ndebele Nation, on another day, Nomazulu is a staunch enemy of the Ndebelehood who claims that as a Muthwa herself, the whole Ndebele Nation and King Mzilikazi is madness disturbing her hunting land in Matabeleland.

Anyone interested can go into internet and read how Nomazulu Thata. She can be a highly paradoxical writer who can confuse our country perpetually.

Sis Noma is telling me that Zapu President Dabengwa is her cousin, but, Zapu is NOT her cousin's Party. We are in Zapu not because of an individual who has family disputes with Sis Noma, but because of an institutionalised President of our party.

If you are Comrade Dabengwa's cousin Sisi, then you have two ways to get to Dabengwa. One way is to go as a family member and no one, not even Dabengwa can stop you. The second way, is to go to Dabengwa as a Zapu member. The moment you mention "Zapu", then Dabengwa suddenly transfigures into an Institution, not a cousin. So, people should learn to know that there are two Dabengwas. This is the mistakes that many Zimbabwean women do not grasp, and, I am not being misogynous, but academically factual. Morgan Tsvangirai's mother did it when Tsvangirai was in hospital. Mrs Mugabe cost her husband a lucrative job. Many years ago, in Swaziland, Gogo Fakudze  did it.  Mrs Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania did it. In Zimbabwe, some bus drivers wives do it so much that there is even a song which says "Mukadzi womuchairi wanyanya / relative of the driver you have become too much"

If your husband or male relative is a Taxi driver, you are not a Taxi driver, do not try to control passengers as your relative's property. So, there is no connection between someone claiming to be Dr Dabengwa's cousin, and the National choices that the Institution of Zapu undertakes.

It is completely subjective for Nomazulu Thata, who lives in Europe, to claim that Nelson Chamisa is misogynist. Old words of wisdom have it that "Nothing is so unfair in life as comparing unequal issues as equals" In other words, words of wisdom mean that you cannot take a ninety-nine-year-old White Western urban woman and race her with an eighteen-year Black rural African boy. And yet, this is what Nomazulu Thata is doing.

"Monkey see, Monkey do", Many Zimbabweans who have tasted life in the West, I included, have an inability to reconcile axiological differences between our culture and Europe's. We are used to linearly translating issues, instead of accepting that some functions of physics are non-linear. If Europeans see it as misogyny to crack a jock by naming my wife, the new Euro-African immigrant  sees that, copies the word "misogyny", and pastes it on African Politics linearly, as if Africa becomes Europe the moment Sis Noma lands in Heathrow from Sigangatsha.

We African men love our mothers, our wives, our sisters and daughters far more than Europeans. We spend half of our salaries supporting our mothers, grandmothers, sisters and Aunties unconditionally. We do not want anyone bearing a pounding heart on the shoulder, to lecture us about our women. We die for our women in Africa. We love and value them the ancient way. We do not have a culture of one-night-stands as in Europe. We do not have divorce-rate as in Europe. No matter how much we are blamed for supporting our mothers by Europeans, the African boy NEVER SENDS HIS SWEET AND FRAIL MUM to be abused in nursing homes.

 The older our mothers become, the more valuable they become. You will never see Nelson Chamisa's mother, sister or daughter in a nursing home as long as that pure African loving boy is alive. So, to take Chamisa's purely acceptable political African banter, and contrive it to become European misogyny, clearly exhibits the traits of someone who cannot holistically embrace epistemological academia.

So, Sis Noma, Zapu has made a decision to support Chamisa's Presidency and do not underestimate us. For you to tell us that your cousin Dabengwa was duped by Mutswangwa and Mnangagwa, it's all a subjective issue know to you. We in Zapu, know that we joined every Zimbabwean to remove Mugabe, and we stopped our President from working with Mnangagwa, and thus objective. Your failure to analyse issues in acceptable Scientific methodologies, stigmatises you from reaching a reasonable conclusion about issues. Right now you do not even know who your candidate is.

You just asked me to stop commenting on Ndebele issues, how do you link Ndebele and Zapu, unless you are a Mugabe Graduate? Only Mugabe taught Zimbabweans that Zapu is a Ndebele party and Mugabe thinks Ndebele is a tribe.

Where does Zapu and Ndebele link? Zapu is not MRP, it is Zapu. Furthermore, how can you succinctly remove this Dzimiri from Ndebelewood? What is a Ndebele? You as a Muthwa or a San, how are you a Ndebele? Can you see that you have a problem with Cognitive Dissonance? Can you see that you do not understand what it means to be a Ndebele? Your confusion leads you to conclude that Mbonisi Gumbo, or Mqondisi Moyo and Nomazulu Thata of MRP are Ndebele, and Dzimiri is not. Can you explain how?

 Thus why Zapu was formed in 1957. We were trying to teach our Nation that no one is a better Zimbabwean than the other and I want you to stop looking at yourself as being a better Ndebele than Dzimiri because you are not. Otherwise I can provide irrefutable evidence that I have closer DNA to King Mzilikazi who formed the Ndebele Nation than you.

If you need a lecture on that issue, I will remind you that Mbonisi Gumbo and Mqondisi Moyo and Dzimiri were all Karangas and Rozvi's  just under 200 years ago. Thata was a San two hundred years ago. So, tell me how Thata, Gumbo and Moyo have become the superior Ndebele than Dzimiri in 2018?

Singama Hole sonke Dade!

My mother is a Zulu whose ancestry left Zululand with Mzilikazi. I once lived in Ulundi where my mother's bloodline originates from and I am respected there. There is no Thata in Ulundi, no Gumbo, no Moyo. So, what is a Ndebele?

Unless you start researching using acceptable Scientific Research Ethics Methodologies, you will never succeed to shout me down for being a better Ndebele than you. Last year you were criticising the installation of the Ndebele King. That content is there online, this morning you want to become more Ndebele than me. If you think that all people can't read, or that you are the only crowned one to create National Parameters, then Sisi, you will miss your own cognition.

I implore you to accept that Dabengwa has made a decision as our President and as a Zapu Institution, to support Chamisa in this election. I implore you to respect Zapu as you and your family found it. If you choose to leave, do so quietly like Mugabe of 1963 or Mnangagwa of 1968. There is Nothing wrong with you Joining MRP, but, stop shouting people and falsely ascending yourself as an example of Ndebele purity.

Ndebele is not DNA or family bloodline, it is Nationhood which encapsulates anyone who has a claim of Matabeleland. Be it Venda, San, Tonga, Rozvi, Karanga, Nambya, Xhosa, Zulu, Swazi, Fengu, Sotho or Kalanga. You are only San in that catalogue, and you do not hold title deeds for the Ndebele Nation. Neither can you legitimately speak for it.

 It's like a Pedi trying to pitch as a purer South African that the Venda, Shangani, Xhosa, Bhaca, Zulu, Sotho or the Ndebele in South Africa. Singama Hole sonke Dade.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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