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You are Zimbabwean because Zapu said so

19 Jun 2018 at 10:44hrs | Views
Most voters in the next coming election are in their twenties, meaning, they were born in the nineties. To them, what is important is to vote for someone who will lead Zimbabwe into a success story.

To decide WHO can lead our country, the youth listen to anyone making a good presentation.

We just want to help our youth make informed decisions. We will be as honest as possible in telling our children who were not there when we fought Colonialism. You see, if you go anywhere in the World, you will find out that people know our beautiful country by name. We are Zimbabwe. Mugabe used to brag about being a Zimbabwean leader and also lied a lot obscuring the truth so that the World would believe that he made Zimbabwe. Mnangagwa and Chiwenga can kill or die for the word Zimbabwe and Zanu wants everyone to believe that they invented Zimbabwe.

But, let me tell you the truth. In 1957, when Mnangagwa was at his home in Zambia. Mugabe was on the bus, going to Ghana to look for money. Chiwenga was heading goats as a small boy in his rural home in Rhodesia. Zapu was consciencentising people to fight the Rhodesian rule. In that year, we in Zapu, knitted the name "Zimbabwe".

In Zapu, what we decide, stands for ever. Today, sixteen Million people in this World, call themselves Zimbabweans and we, Zapu, decided that name for them. Remember, when we decided that name, Mugabe was outside Rhodesia, hunting for money which is what he likes most. We like Zimbabwe most, he likes money most. When we decided the name Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa was busy trying luck at his home in Zambia 1957. Do not be deceived not to take Zapu's resolve seriously, when we decided the name Zimbabwe for you, Chiwenga was heading goats and he did not contribute in issues which started the Liberation struggle.

Very late in 1960,when Mugabe heard that Zapu had become a government in waiting, only then did he join us in Zapu. We taught Mugabe how to speak logicaly and he excellent. Mnangagwa head of us as formidable Zapu, he joined us in Zambia.

This year, Zapu has made another groundbreaking decision which you should embrace, we have endorsed Morgan Tsvangirai's boy, Nelson Chamisa, to run this beautiful country into alignment. When we take a decision, we assess the issues first.

Do not make a mistake to vote for Zanu PF who came late in Politics to loot and claim credentials they do not have. One will be fully convinced that Mugabe, Mnangagwa and Chiwenga started the Liberation struggle and gave us the name Zimbabwe, its not so. These people were only recruited by Zapu as we believed they would understand how we planned our country should be run.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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