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History repeating itself yet again! The arms catch in the 1980s versus Bombing in White City today

24 Jun 2018 at 22:16hrs | Views
This bombing had to happen right in the city of Kings and Queens: Bulawayo. It was well staged to the extent that the bomber was not captured. The perpetrator of the silly bombing could not have escaped the security of Mnangagwa by any stretch of our imagination. The whole thing sounds so silly. Mnangagwa's interview sold it all; his calmness told it all that he was privy of all that was to happen before the bombing and after. It is wholly inconceivable that such an amateurish bomb could go away without the capture of the perpetrator. We shall be very foolish to believe this staged bombing in as much as we were taken for a ride that Mnangagwa was poisoned in Gwanda: all these incidences that threatened Mnangagwa's life happen at the Mathebeleland soil: funny!  

Zanu Pf has a long reputation of such shenanigans' before the war and immediately after independence. This is how Zanu operated during the liberation war. Selling one another on suspicions and subsequently eliminating them sometimes for opposing the ideas of the most powerful commanders in the war, was the order of the day in the liberation struggle. Personal issues turned political: then one could be accused of being a sell-out falsely. As punishment, those falsely accused victims were thrown in the open fire: shot short-range, sent to the war front without arms. Remember the incarceration of Rugare Gumbo, Wilfred Mhanda and all the rest were punished for petty issues.

We need to be reminded of the arms-catches in Zapu farms before the Gugurahundi started resulting in the genocide atrocities in our lifetime. Zanu Pf planted those arms in Zapu farms. Having planted them where they obviously knew the area, they called the international press to witness the arms allegedly hidden by Nkomo's Zipra army. Both Nkomo and the entire Zipra were shocked unable to defend themselves adequately of this open and cruel deceit.  We mention only the arms catch (from several others)  is one classical example of the filthiness of Zanu PF. These arms-catches remain vivid in our minds because that was the main reason of their explanations as to why they sent the Fifth Brigade to go and wipe out the entire nation that spoke Ndebele and Zapu members and supporters: those Shona people who were card-carrying members of Zapu were not spared from the killings, maiming and raping of women as the weapon of war.  

Zanu is obviously losing the 2018 elections. Rigging will not be easy with all those international observers in the country already. Citizens of all ethnic groups mainly  Shona and Ndebele people have tasted wroth of Zanu in one way or the other. Alone the coup that happened last year in November, people were dubbed to support it: the people were sick and tired of the OLD MUGABE in perpetual power grip. Then after the coup, the international community believed that the coup may have been necessary to remove Mugabe.

 Zanu immediately showed its colours after the coup, the entire peoples were cheated right left and center. Peoples who have suffered so much have long memories, they wanted to how Zanu PF the door: democratically.  Zanu PF is the perpetrator of the Gugurahundi atrocities, the farm invasions that killed hundreds of farm workers, left thousands of people destitute, the Murambatsvina that caused families to live in the streets due to demolition of their houses, the barbaric killings of MDC-T voters in 2008, is all hidden in our sad memories ready to unpack at the election day of 30th July 2018. Zanu fear this democratic decimation of their party for a reason.

Zanu PF is now doing what it knows best: to stage a silly bombing as a way to bring back Gugurahundi in Mathebeleland, this bombing had to happen in Bulawayo to falsely give an impression at home and to the international community that the violent people of Mathebeleland need another Gugurahundi. They will want to forgo the election because it will embarrass them. Again Zanu wants the issue of genocide Mathebeleland defused to nullity by deceit: the bombings will be their argument that indeed the people of this region are violent and a state-of-emergency is necessary, they think.

We see a scenario where Mthwakazi party will be culprits in this bombing and will get rounded up; consequently to this, the government will declare a state-of-emergency. This state of emergency will instill fear in the people of Matabeleland. They will be subjects of the yet again door-to-door army and police activities that will immediately take place in the whole of Mathebeleland especially Bulawayo where the resent center crime-scene took place. We shall experience ethnic cleansing of the peoples of Mathebeleland once more.  

We shall see "intransigent" Zapu members rounded up as culprits because of the unfinished hatred between these two parties: Zapu and Zanu PF. We shall see all those Bulawayo voices that defied Zanu PF logic before and after the coup, to be the culprits of the yesterday bombing: they will be made to answer false charges; charges that Zanu orchestrated, the people of Mathebeleland do not know; are innocent of the whole sinister motive behind the White City bombing. But that is Zanu for you. Zanu PF will sarcastically accuse any person perceived enemy and deal with the victim until he/she is eliminated.   

It is Mnangagwa and his secret services who know what happened in the White City Stadium yesterday. Very few in his presidency may know the secret behind the bombing. Some may say its internal: but if it happens right in the middle of Mathebeleland means that there is a sinister motive behind this. The bombing was not supposed to give too much damage but to make an issue out of it for them to yet given them the right invade Mathebeleland once more. Zanu's filthy tactics are well-known and established and are in the Zanu DNA. That is the game they know best, they thrive on such blackmail and falsehood to gain political mileage.  This bombing will give Zanu PF and the army to go back to Mathebeleland to do what they know best: harass, interrogate, incarcerate, kill and maim the population the population of this region. Gugurahundi number two is on the way this time with the vengeance.

This region has not yet come to terms with the atrocities of genocide and crimes against humanity of the early 1980s. Now we are faced with yet another number two Gugurahundi; Our innocent people who are mourning their parents, grandparents and lost relatives and this bombing are trying to crush and suppress the mood in this region that is now openly asking for those atrocities to be addressed with the accuracy it deserves. Mnangagwa has shown all and sundry that he is not prepared to say a slender sorry about the major part he played in the genocide of the 1980s; calling the peoples of this region cockroaches to be eliminate with gamatox. Instead, we are reminded of the Mzilikazi atrocities of early 1800 by Vice President Mohadi. Is the international court of justice going to accept that "a people" are justified to revenge atrocities of 200 years ago to decimate later generations with impunity?  

It is for this reason that if dictators are not made accountable of crimes they committed in the past; of genocide nature, of crimes against humanity, there sadly going to be a repeat of such atrocities in our lifetime. Zanu PF was supposed to answer for the crimes they committed in this country: should have been sent to those high courts of justice: The Haig, long back. It compels us to work hard to bring them to justice: those who committed those atrocities, dead or alive, should face justice in high international courts ever to cleanse this country from evil people. We shall do all in our power to make them accountable.

 You Zanu PF, leave us alone, this bombing work is your dirty work yet again and we know you just too well: you want to deceive the international community yet again that Mathebeleland is a violent nation that needs heavy hand: you want to harass us yet again, to torture us yet again to beat maim and murder people of this region yet again. Please stop it.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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