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Bomb blast at White City Stadium Bulawayo

25 Jun 2018 at 06:54hrs | Views
The government must deploy more security personnel as we draw near the harmonised elections in a couple of weeks to come.

We seem to be heading for a political turbulence in the country as we notice some kind of political disturbances and there is need to quickly attend to this problem as soon as possible. Such an attempt bomb attack at a President had never been experienced in Zimbabwe.

The factionalism in Zanu PF has not been addressed and its true that it is now uncontrollable and is spreading into the most inner circles of the party and destroying it's moral fibre. This could be an inside job within Zanu-PF's corridors of power and we cannot be attempted to accuse the hand of any opposition party as part of this explosion.

Zimbabwe is a peaceful country and with no trace of any kind of terror attacks and what happened at White City Stadium must be strongly condemned.

There are many scenarios which I could positively believe that they could be the ones causing instability within Zanu-PF's leadership and the entire party.

The bombing at White City Stadium in Bulawayo where Emmerson Mnangagwa was targeted as he was leaving the podium is such a sad event to experience. There could be a possibility of the fact that the people in Matebeleland are still holding on to fresh memories of events leading to the Matebeleland massacres and are not happy with Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The issue of Gukurahundi comes into play. This has never been addressed since 1980 with the Ex President Mugabe calling it a moment of madness. The people in Matebeleland are bitter and hope there will not be a widening of the rift that was already manifested in Matebeleland.

Another view from another angle is that, there is still enermity between the G40 and Team Lacoste and the grabbing of power by Emmerson Mnangagwa did not go down well with G40 and they are out there to revenge. It all started when he once survived a cynide and the ice cream attempt of his life at a rally sometime last year. The power struggle in the ruling party continues to rock and taking it to another level as most of aspiring members of parliament and councillor seats from the G40 could not make it through the primaries. Their chances were so slim to stand in their respective constituencies.

The bomb explosion is also showing us how fragile and disharmony is within the Zanu-PF party. Unless its leaders address these factional challenges. I don't see progress and yhe party will have many people pretending to like Emmerson Mnangagwa.

His security aides could have been compromised because such a mishap could have been detected earlier on. There could also be lack of professionalism in the security team. Whenever such kind of events are held there must be high alert security personnel who must be assigned to erect the podium and make security surveillances. They should carry out intermittent security checks during intervals. Security personnel must be deployed a week earlier to start monitoring the venue and should beef up surveillance until the end of the event. The security persons were probably appointed on partisan and nepotism grounds.

There could be another possible theory to the attempt by either Chiwenga or Mnangagwa to eliminate each other. Power is sweet especially when one tastes it.

However the Zimbabweans must remain resolute and should stand together and defend their country to any kind of Bokoharism , Al Shababism and Talibanism of any nature. Politics should not create such kind of a tension and we must tolerate divergent views and respect human life.

Assassinations are the worse part of political intolerance. We wish those injured a quick recovery. Zimbabwe is a democratic country and everyone has the right to choose or support a political party of their choice without being intimidated or coerced. As Zimbabweans should not tire from pursuing to hold free, fair and credible elections come 30 July 2018.

Let there be excellent investigations to this case and put the perpetrators of such kind of barbarism to prosecution.I would expect our security services especially the police to increase foot patrols in our communities so that the country remains the epitome of peace and tranquillity. Such act is a pretty much a terror that should not be allowed to find a fertile breeding ground.

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