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A vote for Chamisa, is a vote for Grace; Here is why...

09 Jul 2018 at 14:28hrs | Views
The great Russian novelist and critic of the Soviet Union, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, once wrote that "once you get upstream, you are carried helplessly along." Unfortunately, Nelson Chamisa, desperate and penniless, has found himself upstream, without a paddle.

It all started with the NPF, an outfit which was open and proud about its connection with the deposed Mugabe power couple. They started appearing at MDC rallies, and even attended the manifesto launch. It was a little strange to see the old guard so blatantly supporting the so called opposition. But things just went from bad to worse.

Nelson Chamisa stood up loudly and proudly and called for Grace Mugabe to join his alliance! He told her in a public statement that while she is not invited to be his VP pick, she is "welcome" to join his party. Then we heard about Mugabe's infamous nephew and his outspoken support of Nelson Chamisa and the MDC. The corrupt Patrick Zhuwao made his voice very clear so that there can be absolutely no doubt. And where would we be without the good old prof Jonathan Moyo? Of course he too is supporting Mr. Chamisa.

So whether or not it is true or false that they met in Dubai, the connection is undeniable. It is also remarkably coincidental that as soon as Dr. Khupe began court proceedings to retrieve 1.8 million US dollars of moneys owed to her by Chamisa, reports suggested that the Mugabes delivered 2 million US dollars to the self-appointed MDC leader.

The fact is that it is well known that Chamisa has run out of money. It is a tough situation for him and the MDC yes. But his naivety to let the Mugabes in the backdoor is super short sighted.

It looks as though he may have even promised the Mugabe couple a VP pick. If not Grace, it could be a Moyo, or even a Zhuwao.

On Friday, NPF women's league chairperson Mrs Sarah Mahoka spilled the beans:

"Bato redu arikuritungamirira izvozvi iyezvinohatina president kuNPF. President wedu isusu ndi(Nelson) Chamisa. Chamisa ndiye achapindapahupresident, isusu tinotora hudeputy," said Mrs Mahoka.

"Isusu takatobatana neAlliance because tinodakubvisa junta yakabvisa baba vaMugabe, vachitibaba vaMugabe vakura," she went on to note.

This is bad. This is very very bad.

This new dispensation has been about change. A new Zimbabwe. A new hope. Even the most cynical Zimbabweans who don't buy this vision, don't believe we should be going back to Mugabism. This therefore is a call of despair. We have a young pretender playing with our future. Even if you're one of those ED haters, fine, don't vote for him. But to allow Grace back into our political scene would be a crime of epic proportions. A national crime.

On July 30th we will all have tough decisions to make. But if you can't bring yourself to vote for ZANU after the years of disappointment, then that is completely understandable. However, do yourself and your country a favour; vote for anyone but Nelson Chamisa. Or just stay at home!

The Zimbabwean people have suffered for too long. We cannot allow this disgraceful deal to be consummated. A vote for Chamisa, has unfortunately become, a vote for Grace.

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Source - Anthony Mkondo
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