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Demonstration is a nicer way of accepting defeat

09 Jul 2018 at 23:17hrs | Views
Wednesday 4th of July 2018 was another sad day for Zimbabwe; ironically this was Independence Day in America and I feel a twinge of envy for the Americans. While the Americans were waiting for the 4th July fireworks to remember thousands of lives that sacrificed and perished so that the country can celebrate their freedoms, Zimbabwe was being subjected to some bizarre threats from some confused politicians who feel that they are entitled to rule the country.

I was utterly disgusted listening to Nelson Chamisa threatening the peaceful environment prevailing in the country. I don't have enough words to describe his arrogance but just listening to him I thought I was listening to some confused Zimbabwe National Students Union President ranting about bad food being served at the dinning.  Chamisa is trapped in his University student years and seems to yearn the missed opportunity of being a ZINASU President. He is trying to prove a point to his alumni colleagues.

I am not by any means endorsing Mnangagwa; my issue is Chamisa's confusion at a national stage; he does not understand how policy is formulated or how it works. All he can do is state the simple truth about the decay in our economy. We all have eyes to see the economy is bad. Some of us are also concerned about the social fabric in the country.

Demonstrations are a nicer way of accepting defeat. Demonstrations are used by confused people who do not know what they want to achieve. Instead, hold a protest and list concisely reasons for your protests. Making a bunch of noise and toy-toying people around the city is taking a bigger risk. As much as Chamisa and his clique can assure the country that they are embarking on a peaceful demonstration, we all know that demonstrations can turn violent at any given time. If people start toy-toying, there is a chance of violence, economic sabotage, property destruction, or loss of human life. We do not need this at this juncture in our country.

The truth has now come to the fore - most of Chamisa's cheerleaders did not even register to vote--those who are going to vote are quiet. Votes don't take place on WhatsApp and Facebook. This is a sad development in our country and I hope sanity prevails and people come to a self-realization and stay home to work on improving their economic well-being. People must understand that Government must not be in the business of creating jobs - the Government's mandate must be to create an environment that is conducive for business to create jobs.

Instead of going to toy-toying tomorrow, I challenge you to plant 10 mango trees in your backyard. In three years, that act will help the environment, will improve your economic wellbeing and will improve your overall outlook. Toy-toying will hold you back for another 10 years; this is a science.

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