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Chamisa election boycott - a useless threat?

11 Jul 2018 at 10:17hrs | Views
MDC-Alliance is by no doubt a strong opposition since its inception. Although it came so close to winning the outright victory (possibly did once in 2008), during a time in which a GNU was formed. Since the GNU formation, the party has struggled to put a well thought strategy to outcompete ZANU PF, especially during Mugabe era which was marred by intimidation of voters, vote rigging and poor media coverage for the opposition, in particular. Besides, a GNU made the party leaders relax and forget what it is that they were fighting for or what they stood for or rather what they had promised the people. Only a few did well but the majority were just mere talkers and zero doers including the prime minister and his deputies. They were swallowed by the love of a luxurious life offered by the beast forgetting that there is a tomorrow where you will seek again the mandate of the electorate. This revealed the true nature of their inner being an indication that they were just fighting for their own benefits and little to do with the majority of the population. Shall we assume they have learnt a lesson?

The big question is - Is boycotting elections a wise and well thought strategy that will end peacefully or in a major destabilization of the country? Boycotting of elections is not new, even during the era of Tsvangirai we experienced it but on the contrary it did contribute to the downfall of the MDC and not ZANU PF. All the other opposition candidates will participate in the electoral process as before and the ZANU PF will be endorsed as the outright winner. Be warned that you may be alone in this boat of boycotting as the majority of the opposition parties do not seem to be in support of the similar electoral reforms as you are requesting. For the same reason you failed to form a single strong opposition party for the nation, it is for this very same reason that you may find your self alone in this boycotting process. Sometimes, I wonder whether it is fear or cowardliness that is engulfing MDC-Alliance. Strictly speaking Chamisa needs to face the Lion and lead his people to the ballot and for once show some democratic leadership and not being individualistic.

Mr. Chamisa needs to understand that currently he still needs to gain some international respect and probably sympathy and that is not an easy treading ground. On the contrary, ZANU PF with its new dispensation plan has managed to convince AU and the rest of the international community that they are the genuine change makers after the fall of Mugabe. Thus, it will be easy for them to be endorsed with no reservations by the international community. It already has the green light since the fall of Mugabe and an election is just a mere symbol to fulfill their legitimacy. But, can we go for another 5 years with ZANU PF alone? Ummm not so much of a good idea towards seeing Zimbabwe striding to a competitive economic level. Neither do we need MDC-Alliance (which is still revealing intolerance and immaturity) alone but rather tolerance of political parties in that who ever wins should scout for brains and use them instead of rewarding patriots who will not move the country forward. It is a phase where we need to unite for a single purpose - that of rebuilding our mother land and completely eradicate corruption. May God bless Zimbabwe and grant a peaceful election.

This article is written by Dr. Takesure Tazvishaya.

Source - Dr Takesure Tazvishaya
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