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ED is a visionary leader, 4 + 10 is 40 indeed

12 Jul 2018 at 10:31hrs | Views
The starting point is the speech at one of the rallies where ED with a foresight said if you have ten cows and four calves you have already gotten forty cattle. Most dull and good for nothing people started making jokes that the president has failed to calculate ten plus 4. What A joke. ED is a lawyer and lawyers never bother with maths but facts. The fact is if you have four calves you have the future and that you progress is multiplied tenfold. so the four calves multiplied by the future becomes forty. Those social media teachers and pastors in red made fools of themselves by failing to see the foresight ED was tabulating in this speech.  There are other leaders, but this one is arguably the most vital for today's leaders looking to create thriving nation that achieve long-term success.  ED looks beyond the problems of today; he works on multiplication by the future and not the holistic mathematical losers who have masters in social media marking.

Visionary leaders have a compelling vision for their country. They can see beyond the ambiguity and challenges of today to an empowering picture of tomorrow. They see the nation prospering and they wish to take you to that nation. They do not dream dreams but they create the future. ED as a Visionary leader impregnates the nation team and the future itself with this vision. Fuelled by inspirations of the great leader the nation charts its course to this new future.

ED is not authoritarian or dictatorial; he does not seek control over his youth and nation. He quests for them to join him in the future of the nation.

Instead, he provides freedom to the country to determine the best path to actualizing this vision. to multiply our livestock, our fortunes, our nation, our tomorrow. It's a discipline to hold the end picture in mind. It takes commitment to work towards this vision each day.

Endless information inundates all of us. We live in a world of endless distractions. How challenging is it to focus on a given task for a mere hour? MDC Alliance took the vision of ED and interpreted it to mean that he is mathematically bankrupt. Now consider the inherent challenges of holding a long-term picture in mind over a period of years. If the opposition cannot read in the vison of ED that calves multiply then what nation are they promising? Effective collaboration is necessary for any group of people looking to create something, bring it to market, and grow in a competitive arena. ED brought the hope that the future is bright and very bright.

Visionary leaders have a way of inspiring their organization to rally around a shared vision. This alignment gives the team a competitive advantage. ED has shown that he can do just that.

ED is an inspirational leader it means that he taps into our emotions. ED ignites our passions for the better future. He drives our emotions in the right direction to bring out the best in us and the best in the country at large.

ED has managed to inspire with consistency, he is aware of his emotions too. And is empathic (aware of the feelings of others). Only through empathy can a leader connect with the hearts of his team and inspire them to realize their greatness.

Although ED holds a big picture in mind, he is flexible on how he gets there. ED is receptive to new information and can hold multiple perspectives. This open-mindedness allows him to navigate stressful situations with a flexible mind, pulling from many resources and sometimes unrelated industries to arrive at creative solutions. ED is imaginative and allows himself to dream, exercising his mind's eye to see beyond what's in the physical world at the moment. He encourages others to dream big too and sees to it that they realise. ED's high conviction holds in the face of adversity.

You can't realize a vision alone. It takes a talented team that can work together. Visionary leaders inspire others to harness their unique gifts and strengths to innovate and find creative solutions. So ED invites all Zimbabweans to join him to the new Zimbabwe on the 30th July 2018. ED has created an open environment where people learn to trust each other. And that trust starts with the leader. ED is not timid as a leader he takes courageous steps and daring, willing to take calculated risks. .ED's leadership is  inclusive, inviting others to make the vision their own. He attracts talented people who are passionate about what they do, who are inspired by the country's big picture. ED is creating thriving, innovative cultures where individuals have the freedom to create their best work and take pride in their efforts. ED brings out the best in the people.
ED holds a positive outlook for the future. He is hopeful he will achieve success. ED does not view problems as personal, permanent, or pervasive. Instead, they are impersonal, temporary, and relate only to the present situation.

Zimbabwe needs ED and     ED needs your vote.  Vote wisely in 2018, let your FOUR calves multiply vote ED. Vote ZANU PF

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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