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Disturbing Harare Demo! Pastor and Advocate Chamisa is surrounded by mob shouting HURE, to Justice Priscilla Chigumba

13 Jul 2018 at 06:09hrs | Views
The Pastor and Advocate Chamisa finds it right and fitting to be surrounded by a mob shouting obscenities on Justice Priscilla Chigumba. The entire mob is for Chamisa a means to his ambitious ends. If he gets this presidency by whatever means, he is just fine! But Chamisa must be told to openly apologize to the women of Zimbabwe for those crude utterances they subjected Justice Chigumba into. Those mobs, those thugs, secret army surrounding Chamisa at yesterday's demonstration shouted Hure, Hure, Hure, Chamisa was full of it, wanted it that way. This is the mob mood he is comfortable with, voices of hate and degradation of women who are assertive in their jobs. When we say Zimbabwean men, most of them are misogynistic, women haters; we get insulted because to insult a woman in Zimbabwe is the norm, it is correct and accepted because women rate second in our society.

Just "A DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY" we were confronted with rude utterances against Amai Joyce Mujuru. George Rutanhire (MHSRIP) subjected her to insults of sexual nature. Mr. Rutanhire was actually exposing the atrocities men committed against girl-children back then. But because men generally have a way of turning around anything of sexual nature to shame women, George tried to shame Amai Mujuru but did not hold. Zimbabwean men and women came to her rescue and put dignity back into Amai Mujuru. Rutanhire was a pathological misogynist; there is no room for such low values, low virtues in our global village.

Zimbabwe has perpetuated a culture that uses sex to shame women. Sex is sneaky and as a result, Amai Joyce has been judged as a whore, a person who is deviant and therefore immoral. George Rutanhire's utterances are to dehumanize Comrade Joyce Mujuru. He sees her as a slut, ka Hure, a slag, a woman who engages in sexual activities with multiple men. He wants to rubbish her by using those sex slogans so that she feels small: Chihure,ka Hure!

Just "YESTERDAY" we almost witnessed Thokozani Khuphe burnt alive in a hut together with her security details during the burial of Tsvangirai in Bindura. Chamisa was present, was the one who commanded his secret personnel to deal with Thokozani Khuphe: give her a thorough beating and bring her to line! They were about to eliminate Thoko the Gugurahundi style at the same time shouting Hure, Hure. Sathi kumbe sikubonile. Again, Thokozani was going to court to attend a court case with her lawyers regarding MDC-T party disputes. The MDC-Chamisa vanguards and thugs were sent to court where Thokozani Khuphe was to humiliate herat best to baptize her with fire once more. We heard those insults yet again: Hure, Hure, Hure Khupe ka Hure. Because Khuphe disagreed with Chamisa on leadership succession, she automatically becomes a slut, an whore.

Just "TODAY" we witness the same treatment, insulting words that were given to other women: political women: this time around it was Justice Priscilla Chigumba. There was a demonstration right inside Harare CBC yesterday: the 11th July 2018, lead by Chamisa himself: was in front of the mob, a demonstration that took them to the ZEC headquarters. All the way the MDC-Alliance mob and thugs shouted the insults they know best: instil fear of being insulted "Hure" on a woman who dares it to be Director of ZEC. Again Justice Chigumba is also a Hure. They shouted and insulted at her right in the presence of Advocate and Pastor Chamisa: Hure, Hure, Hure Chigumba. But Chamisa is a pastor and an advocate at the same time. These two powerful titles: one a Servant of God and two: someone who is knowledgeable about the law of the land: seem not to mean much to him when it comes to power and absolute power he wants at all cost.  

Chamisa never attempted to reprimand the mob yesterday because this is the drama he wants to create to demand power: presidency, statehouse at all cost, he even said he was going to declare the polls results himself. Chamisa is making everything difficult for himself. There are external monitors and observers in the country and they witness each and every step these political parties are doing: They see and take note of all the events leading to the elections. Most of these observers come from civilized countries whose societies have great respect for women generally. I am sure they wonder at the low level thinking of some Zimbabwean men who want to undo any woman in position of power by reducing her to a sexual object: Hure!  

In "FUTURE" we should expect more insults on women who dare to take top political posts because it means they will be subject to insults of sexual nature. We expect insults on women who dare it and challenge these abominations by defending women if they are attacked once more by our hateful men. We women of Zimbabwe should fight again this dehumanization of women using sex to reduce them, using sex to insult women, using sex to shame women. This sexual script must be broken.  

This violence: indiscriminate disproportionate insults against women have its origins in the struggle for independence. The struggle for independence is where women were abused sexually and otherwise. "Hure" is the word used to women who were abused by multiple men, having abused them; they turned around, mixed the story up and blamed them women instead, and called them "Hure" because it is the weapon men know better to reduce women. It is very easy for a man to sex language to reduce a woman

 We must say it loud that the struggle for freedom justified men to sexually abuse women violently and now we are supposed to be cowed by those sex accusations to force us to be put into "our place." We must say it too and very loud that some men are guilty of crimes against womanity, sexual crimes committed in the name of freeing the country. This term "Hure" is a perpetuation, an extension, a projection of what it was like to be in the struggle as a woman. Those are horrors of the struggle left unattended, unrevised, never spoken about to this day. It is visiting us again by being labeled "Hure" because a woman has become better than man; her position is higher than a man. Zimbabwean men, most of them, fear the power of the woman.

We women must break this sexual script: accepting shame in any sex insults meted on women because they dared to say the "unimaginable",  we must challenge the belief that men sexual aggression towards women is normal: we must refuse to be characterised as Mahure (Whores) if a woman is in a position of power. We must challenge those embedded beliefs that men have the entitlement of shouting obscenities at women in power positions.  

We must challenge this belief that men alone can take the high moral ground and condemn women by using sex-related insults as the measure of behavior. Every woman in a position of power must be baptized with "Hure" primitive slogan to dehumanize them. The stupidity of it all is that they do not know that they are equally insulting their own mothers at homes as "maHure" Every woman in Zimbabwe is a continuation and an extension of another woman: we are mothers and grandmothers of this great nation and we demand respect.

This labeling of women as Whores is sexual violence against women. It should be classified as hate speeches. This "Hure" wording should be removed from the vocabulary of the population because it is degrading all women in Zimbabwe as a whole. This "Hure" wording is taking rounds to insult and subject those women in the position of power to be silhouetted personalities, fit to be sent on errands by men. It must be declared criminal to insult a woman as "Hure" just for being politically involved in whatever political party she belongs to. In this resent case Justice Chigumba does not belong to a political but is head of a powerful office in the land. Even if we disagree with her, she deserves respect as a woman of this great country. Even if she makes those serious mistakes she does not deserve to be insulted with wordings of sexual nature.  

We fear about what will happen to this country if the molds of Chamisa took over this country and became president. What will be the fate of women be like? What will become of our growing up daughters? This misogynistic culture is toxic for our growing up girls. We should differ politically but when one woman is attacked, we must learn to close together and seek justice in an unjust society that denigrates women at will. I feel women must just have to close-in and we fight this gender imbalance, gender disparities as a single voice. United we win!

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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