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Harurwa consumed as delicacy in Masvingo but Claude Maredza says, 'there is more that people should know'

16 Jul 2018 at 13:24hrs | Views
Harurwa is an insect, consumed as a delicacy mostly in the Masvingo province of Zimbabwe. The insect is naturally light green in colour. It's usualy prepared by roasting and salting it. In Masvingo Harurwa roasted , ready to eat, are sold by villagers at road sides in areas such as Bikita, Nyika, Zaka, Jerera and others.

Claude Maredza, has for a long time been fascinated with the harurwa insects which are found in his village Norumedzo village, in Bikita, Masvingo Province here in Zimbabwe. He wrote a book about how harurwa insects originated in oder to quench his curiosity and followed up with a documentary film. After that he always thought that there are some medicinal properties in harurwa.

According to Maredza, he declared that he proven right when he led a team of scientists who indeed have proved that harurwa have the essential fatty acids of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 and It doesn't end there , there is also phosphorus in harurwa .

He said, "This has led to the production of harurwa nutraceutical, each harurwa Nutraceutical capsule weighs about a gram which is equal to 2 harurwas in powder form and this capsules are taken as a medicinal food to heal many ailments."

Maredza have sent the capsules to various places including the office of the President in view of the government's thrust to promote indigenous knowledge systems but still haven't heard as little as just an acknowledgement of receipt. He is looking for government and financiers to assist him to enlarge his noble cause.

Claude Maredza is a 58-year-old Zimbabwean married with three sons and two daughters.Presently is studying for a doctorate in business admnistration with University of Liverpool. He has held several senior positions in commerce and industry. He is a writer and an author of seven books which include harurwa the true but amazing mystery of norumedzo

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