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Zimbabweans being bribed

17 Jul 2018 at 18:10hrs | Views
It's sad to see the downtrodden citizens that live in poverty throughout a five-year term without the government doing anything meaningful to better their lives, only to emerge a few weeks before the elections making unsustainable and unrealistic promises.

Such a pattern has become prevalent in Zimbabwe whenever elections are due to take place. The period of bribery last merely one month until the election day after that the electorate is forgotten and/or repressed and intimidated as per ruling party protocol that the State calls the shots not vice versa. Their collective philosophy is that masses ought to be frogmarched whether at gun point or not as long as the objectives of the corrupt clique are fulfilled. In certain instances, those who refuse to accept bribery goods are rounded up and tortured to submission.

The incidents of vote buying have been intensified in Zimbabwe particularly in southern part of the country. The military is compelling citizens to attend their rallies as failure to do so would result in facing the full wrath of the military brutality.

Hopefully, the international community is paying close attention to intimidation tactics being employed by the junta cabal that uses the barrel of a gun to cling on power. Zimbabwean people want justice for blatant and reckless decapitations and amputations of body parts of opposition members that are scattered across the country most of the were killed when the current president was in charge of the defence forces and his deputy was complicity in the killings.

With that track record of human rights violations, the electorate is urged to reject with contempt their pleas to vote for the junta cabal that loots natural resources with impunity. The recent national industrial action by civil servants symbolised the ineffectiveness of the military in running state organs. Nobody is his right frame of mind can waste his vote on enriching the few instead of many.

Matabeleland is under siege from the military whose actions is reminiscent of the ethnic cleansing period that claimed lives of more than 20 000 innocent souls. The people should be reminded that the military gang belongs in jail as opposed to being leaders, they have numerous questions to answer related to disappearances and abductions of opposition supporters.
The lives of the young generation have already been put in jeopardy given the junta behaviour and belief that power should be in the hands of the erstwhile liberation fighters which is a destructive ideology and so shamefully retrogressive.

How could the elections be free and fair when all States departments are in the hands of the military that dethroned the nonagenarian. If indeed the military is apolitical then the reigns of the State were supposed to be handed over to a multi-party governance system until the general election, unfortunately due to the military and the police being so partisan or Zanufied, it is difficult to create an election atmosphere whereby the playing field would be even.

Already the Junta led government has started rigging the election as the lawless police were seen voting Surreptitiously at Ross Camp Police Station and were disrupted by the local people who somehow got the wind of the illegal practise and the security departments responded violently by ejecting all protesting people who had thronged the scenery. Zanu Pf post the evil dictator has not reformed at all and will remain so for as long as they remain in power.  

The nation is urged cordially to reject ZANU PF at the polls end of July, enough is enough. Hospitals are being neglected, loading shedding has become an order of the day, water rationing is frustrating business operations. The soldiers are beating up opposition members for demanding enactment of constitutional reforms as enshrined in the new national blue print. The onus of removing the unscrupulous and crooked Mnangagwa government lies with all progressive Zimbabweans otherwise the country will further go to the dogs.

Zenzo Siziba Is a Zimbabwean Political activist.

Source - Zenzo Siziba
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