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Paul Kagame Transformed Rwanda into middle economy

19 Jul 2018 at 16:19hrs | Views
His Excellency Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda, once said: "In Africa today, we recognise that trade and investments and not aid are major pillars of development."Ordinary Africans have for long been seen as people in need of donations. This was mainly because of passive economic participation. However, people in Africa are now active in the economy; they are now entrepreneurs instead of charity cases. This, therefore, rightfully supports and explains what Kagame meant when he said the above. The way to go is to believe in our capability and strategies for economic growth. Before laying the foundation, the first key to unlock is to believe. We no longer need missionaries in Africa we are now in need of visionaries.Maduo a ditshwantsho a Paul KagameHis Excellency The President Of Republic Of Rwanda Paul Kagame.

When you mention Rwanda , some people are still trapped in what happened in that country in the late 20th century .During the 1980s Rwanda had been destroyed and many people internationally thought it wouldn't be great again . However, currently, the country has been developed to an extent that people from different countries go there to borrow a leaf on the projects and systems. The past experience can be the betrayal of future if keep holding to it. I salute Rwandans they moved on despite the emotional challenges/trauma they went through during the time of madness where fellow citizens slaughtered one another. Thanks for the renewed mindsets . Paul Kagame the man on the driving seat of Rwanda 2020 vision surrounded with the youths of that nation.The future of Rwanda is very very bright.The country is tiny – barely larger than Belgium or Taiwan – but it commands disproportionate power among its neighbours, the DRC, Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi. Sitting in a mountainous volcanic region, it is mostly covered in jungle and it rains for six months of the year, but the hot, cratered back streets of Kigali are covered with a fine, red dust. (The jungle, incidentally, is the only place on earth you are guaranteed a face-to-face meeting with a mountain gorilla.

In 1994, Kagame led the Rwandan Patriotic Front, the guerilla force credited with liberating the country from the murderous Interahamwe. In 2000, he assumed office after his predecessor resigned, and in 2003 was formally elected as president in the country's first democratic elections. In 2017 , he was reelected for a third term by a landslide, extending his 17-year rule over the central African nation with 99% of the vote. He has been described as an 'autocrat', but he isn't the traditional, golden-napkin-rings, pet-ostriches type.The Rwandan government is one of very few in the world where female members of parliament outnumber men. His rule has transformed Rwanda, enhancing peace-building and women's empowerment, increasing economic development, and advancing the country's education and communications technologies. He is also much-admired by people and institutions in the West. Kigali is the cleanest city ever found in Africa.

He and his government have pursued policies that have led to a remarkable transformation of Rwanda from "a Third world backwater into a prospective middle-income country." Mr President you have done a great job in changing lives in Rwanda. I believe you are mentoring the youths of Rwanda to be the next torch bearers . Your Excellency you have build a good name my advice to you is this a good dancer will leave the stage while people still need more performances to avoid mistakes . "Africa is finally uniting : now we need good politics" said Kagame. Lastly or not least the youths in Rwanda are active in Rwanda economical development .

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