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Uncovering the deal between Grace Mugabe and Nelson Chamisa: It is Pure Evil

22 Jul 2018 at 10:18hrs | Views
Ignorance, Plato tells us, is the root and stem of all evil.

This is why I write. This is why I educate. This is why I scream to the rooftops, through the streets of Harare and beyond. To make sure there is no ignorance amongst our electorate when they go to the ballot box on Monday 30th July.

Because the ignorance of this deal is the greatest threat today to the future of Zimbabwe. While Chamisa is still clearly losing in every poll, it is apparent that the election is much closer than we thought. Much of this is down to the infusion of Mugabe cash into the MDC campaign. We never thought we would read a sentence like that!

But it is true. The NPF, the outfit supported and funded by Grace and RGM have come out all guns (grenades?) blazing for the MDC and Chamisa. They even heaped (what they see as) compliments on Mr. Chamisa, noting that he is a natural G40 member! Let's recall where we were just 8 months ago. Let's recall what this G40 was and what it stood for. And let's do everything to educate the electorate to ensure the NPF does not find its way into power.

The deal is a rotten deal. When we heard Nelson Chamisa call to the NPF to join the alliance we were all a little confused. When we saw the G40 henchmen at MDC rallies supporting Nelson, confusion turned to fear. And when we saw the millions of dollars flowing from the Mugabes to the pockets of Chamisa and his campaign, the pin dropped, fear turned to activism.

It has been revealed that the VP position has been reserved for a G40 member. It has even been reported that Grace Mugabe herself may take up the position. There is also word that the mouthy professor, Jonathan Moyo, is also on his way back, should Chamisa win the election. The quid pro quo here is cynical politics at its worst. While the young leader of the MDC should have been positioning himself as a Barack Obama-like saviour, he has chosen to take us in the opposite direction.

It is a shame I'm not running his campaign. I'd have said, Nelson, look forward! Be positive! Cast aside the temptations of Grace and her bags of money! Give your people a vision!

But I'm not running his campaign. I am just a guy with access to a computer and a cellphone. And I will use this to write, to whatsapp, to email and SMS. To enlighten my fellow Zimbabweans about this charlatan, dressed up as the new, while covering up for the old.

When we came together in November to rid ourselves of the old order, we never thought for one minute that it would be the MDC trying to drag us backwards. We stood up for freedom, for unity, for progress. Now we have ED holding rallies of white supporters, and the MDC making deals with Grace Mugabe!

So it is time to raise our voices and call for unity, peace and progress. We must use this final week of campaigning to educate those around us of the dangers of the G40 and Grace Mugabe. Zimbabweans are an educated and intelligent people. We know who she is and we know what her games are. It just appears that many of us were too naïve to think that Chamisa would actually ally with her. But the deal has been done.

1 Peter 3:9 teaches us, "Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing."

Let us repay the evils of Grace Mugabe by blessing the new dispensation, blessing our new freedoms, and blessing our new way of life.

Due to this wicked deal, a vote for Nelson, has now become a vote for Grace.

Source - Anthony Mkondo
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