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Justice Chigumba's position as ZEC Chairperson is untenable

23 Jul 2018 at 19:06hrs | Views
The recent revelations of Justice Chigumba's ongoing love affair with a senior Zanu PF cabinet minister who is known to be a very close friend of Zanu PF presidential candidate, Emmerson Mnangagwa, leaves many Zimbabwean voters already feeling robbed and betrayed.

The position of a ZEC Chairperson calls for an honest broker, a neutral arbiter, a person of high integrity, honest with strong moral principles. This brings us to the crucial question, is justice Chigumba amongst the highly esteemed, most eminent, illustrious and highly regarded Zimbabwean professionals?

It is only forthright to state from the onset that this submission does not seek to add to any of the disrespectful and cowardly comments directed to the person of Justice Chigumba. Neither is it intended to expose her private life. This submission seeks to highlight how Justice Chigumba's appointment as ZEC Chairperson was as flawed as other recent Mnangagwa appointments. Let us leave the other recent uninformed government appointments of military personnel assigned as ambassadors with 'business acumen' for another day.

Justice Chigumba is a High Court Judge, though not renowned, who is at least fully aware that where there is a conflict of interest any such person who is an interested party cannot be a neutral arbiter and therefore is expected to be honest enough, come forward and excuse himself or herself.

This is part of her daily job in the courts where legal professionals recuse themselves on a regular basis under similar circumstances. Being aware that she is involved in a love affair with a senior Zanu PF politician, appointed by Emmerson Mnangagwa, why did Justice Chigumba gladly accept to be appointed as ZEC Chairperson.

She accepted the position without even disclosing that she is in very favourable relations with one of the contesting political parties.

Justice Chigumba's position as ZEC Chairperson is conflicted and heavily compromised. There is no way she is a neutral referee in the Zimbabwe electoral race.

If Zanu PF loses elections it means her lover loses his job. It is clearly anyone's guess now which political party Justice Chigumba wants to win. Her flawed appointment is a testimony that we are not yet out of the Mugabe corrupt days!

Frazer Muzondo

Source - Frazer Muzondo
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