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Chamisa's top 10 lies

27 Jul 2018 at 07:31hrs | Views
"O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!" - Walter Scott 1808.

This beautiful line from a famous old poem simply means that if you tell lies, they will catch up with you. In our mother tongue, it is put rather figuratively as "akulaqili elazikhotha umhlane" (there is no trickster that can leak his back).

As we move towards the final days of the campaign period for the 2018 harmonised elections, the majority of Zimbabweans are shaking their heads in collective disbelief at the content of Mr Nelson Chamisa's campaign messages.

The MDC Alliance candidate for President has painted himself into a corner of his campaign headquarters and all that is left for him is to hold his head in shame as he looks up to Monday with yet another failed attempt to dupe the electorate.

His campaign has been the best example of a basket of breathtaking lies. His best hope is that Zimbabweans are so dizzy that they will somehow elect a confirmed liar as President.

The list of lies are as long as an unending fairy tale but let us look at just a few that make the top 10 and marvel at how the entire band of MDC Alliance supporters and the general public have been abused and duped.

Ever since its formation in 1999, the Tsvangirai-led MDC and Nelson Chamisa promised the nation that they could remove former President R. G. Mugabe from power. For almost 20 years, they created a false impression that they had a sure strategy and the means to get rid of Gushungo, who had overstayed his welcome as Head of State. So the nation was periodically treated to hare-brained schemes, election manifestos (often last-minute hatchet jobs loaded with lies), just before every election since 2000. A good dollop of lies as is now his main strategy failed to dislodge Mr Mugabe.

It took the Central Committee of Zanu-PF to recall Mr Mugabe in November last year but Mr Chamisa and his party again tried to claim credit for Mr Mugabe's resignation. During the transitional period, Zimbabweans from all walks of life, MDC Alliance supporters included, hoisted pictures of President Mnangagwa and Vice President Chiwenga, they kissed and hugged the members of the Zimbabwe National Army and ululated when the Zanu-PF motion to impeach Mr Mugabe was cut short by his eventual resignation.

Mr Chamisa is now rumoured to be funded by Mrs Grace Mugabe and the Mugabe party - the National Patriotic Front - recently confirmed that it is bound to select a Vice President in Mr Chamisa's set-up. In other words a vote for Mr Nelson Chamisa is a vote for Mrs Grace Mugabe.

Mr Nelson Chamisa and his erstwhile colleagues lied to the nation when they used some unbelievably crooked logic when they promised that they would come to power through the destruction of the economy. They drafted and sponsored the ZIDERA Act passed by the USA for sanctions against Zimbabwe.

They went on a mission to sell the idea of sanctions, destroying the wealth of Zimbabwe, social systems and the very fabric of society, denying Zimbabwe the right to trade freely, to access finance and provide jobs. Their idea was that when the country is truly broken, they would then seem like a better alternative and bring relief to Zimbabwe.

Well, the MDC Alliance got part of its wish - the economy was destroyed and the pain is still with us today.

However, the lie is crystal clear. The MDC sponsored sanctions just hurt everybody including their own gullible supporters. Mr Chamisa's dastardly scheme to destroy the ability of Zimbabwe to survive was a total disaster and the people of Zimbabwe know this. It has taken Zanu-PF almost 20 years of efforts to try to have the MDC sponsored sanctions removed and this is about to be achieved. The nations that believed in Mr Chamisa and his party have also realised the big lie and they don't want sanctions to continue.

Incredibly, as if Zimbabwe has not suffered enough pain, Mr Chamisa and his lieutenants have done all that they can to amplify the lies. Very quickly after operation restore legacy, they tried to use more lies in Washington DC to have the debilitating sanctions maintained! At some point, the USA, UK, EU and other countries have voted very strongly in support of removing the sanctions against Zimbabwe on the delivery of a credible election. What the MDC Alliance has done is only to expose its own twisted logic and lies that sanctions would somehow bring prosperity to Zimbabwe!

The tangled web of Mr Chamisa's lies has also seen him avoiding campaigning for the lifting of sanctions even as they are now hurting him. One may wonder why? The truth is that he has no choice but continue campaigning for sanctions and hence further pain for Zimbabwe.

To campaign against sanctions carries a 20 year prison sentence in the USA - a clause that Mr Chamisa and his legal colleagues know very well. What a sticky situation that Chamisa and team created. The Zanu-PF government, on the other hand, is on the verge of breaking this curse and Zimbabwe is already truly open for business. ZIDERA will be history very soon via diplomatic efforts of engagement and re-engagement by President Mnangagwa and his team. Nobody wants sanctions and the MDC lie will remain a shameful part of Mr Chamisa and his team.

To vote for Nelson Chamisa and the MDC Alliance is to vote for lies and the most twisted logic ever encountered in modern politics.

Predictably, Mr Chamisa had to tell more lies to hide the fact the international community no longer trusts him. His lie about meeting President Donald Trump and being promised $15 billion is now legendary. The whole nation was shocked when the US quickly dismissed Mr Chamisa's claims as lies. There was no meeting with Trump and no money was promised to Chamisa.

The youthful liar claimed that he single-handedly wrote Rwanda's Information and Communications Technology strategy and could do the same for Zimbabwe. This lie did not even take a day before it was exposed by the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame. President Kagame personally told the world that he didn't even know Mr Chamisa, let alone use his imaginary status as an ICT guru that assisted Rwanda.

In a sustained act of deception, Mr Chamisa has for many years told the women of Zimbabwe that the MDC stands for the rights of women and the girl child. However, recent events have proved that the opposite is true. The physical and verbal abuse of women by gangs aligned to Mr Chamisa have left the world in shock. The abuse of women is well documented within and outside the party with the prominent examples being attempts to burn Dr Thokozani Khupe inside a hut and calling her a prostitute and most recently attacks on Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba.
Several international organisations have registered their disgust at Mr Chamisa's disdain for women.

He has forgotten our saying "wathint' umfazi, wathint' imbokodo".

His antics even drew fire from H.E. Mary Robinson, a global elder in politics. The only good thing from all this is that now all women will remember Mr Chamisa's lies and insults as they vote next week.

Even before the late Morgan Tsvangirai settled in his resting place, Mr Nelson Chamisa had begun trashing the MDC-T constitution. The whole country was amazed when the might of the MDC lawyers led by Mr Chamisa started talking about him as the anointed successor. A simple reading of the MDC constitutions reveals that anointment is not part of its provisions. This caused divisions within the party and the subsequent split. Only the devil knows what Nelson Chamisa would do if given a chance to lie about the constitution of Zimbabwe.

Father Zimbabwe must have been turning in his grave at the lie that his beloved possessions had been claimed by Mr Chamisa. The Nkomo family stated quite strongly that they would never give Dr Joshua Nkomo's beloved rod - for whatever reason, to Mr Chamisa. This embarrassing episode did not restrain Mr Chamisa from further pronouncements of falsehoods and just recently Mr Sibangilizwe Nkomo refuted another claim by Mr Chamisa, that Dr Nkomo's son had endorsed the MDC Alliance.

With a false sense of power, Mr Chamisa now tells the nation that he can stop the elections from happening. He has further threatened civil unrest should his bid for the country's presidency fail. The truth is that there will be elections on July 30 and while Mr Chamisa can lead a few Zimbabweans into criminality, this lie is not believed by even himself. Every day during his campaigns, Mr Chamisa tells these lies then talks about winning the elections. He is confusing people - but lies do not confuse people.

It boggles the mind how Mr Chamisa can summon Sadc Heads of State to an extraordinary session where he will tell them to stop the Zimbabwean elections. Nowhere in the Sadc Treaty does an ordinary citizen summon Heads of State to a meeting and get an instruction from the MDC Alliance.

In his typical zero tolerance to dissent, Mr Chamisa will claim to be fighting in unity with fellow opposition members but once he faces opposition, he doesn't hesitate to wield an axe on his targets. This, he has done before by firing elected representatives from Parliament. This lie that he stands with the people is especially well known even by former MDC-T MPs that were recalled form Parliament by Mr Chamisa and his cabal. The people of Zimbabwe cannot put such a dictator and liar who falsely promises to be with them when he has history of abandoning them.

In conclusion, the voice of the people is the voice of God and God does not tolerate liars at all. Nelson Chamisa has told hundreds of lies in his election campaign. There are other lies outside this top 10 that should make anyone who is planning to vote MDC Alliance and Nelson Chamisa squirm. If the above lies haven't scared you already, imagine what Zimbabwe will be like with Nelson Chamisa and his funder Mrs Grace Mugabe occupying State House?

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