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The legacy of Zanu-PF

28 Jul 2018 at 12:05hrs | Views
I have loved former President Robert Mugabe and I have and will always believe in him and in his wisdom as a leader and as a human being. Gushungo might have had his short comings but we need to acknowledge the good he did, he empowered us through education as witnessed by our amazing literacy rate. Gushungo gave us land, and he taught us to believe in our ability as Africans to achieve more if we unite , operate in peace.

The legacy of Gushungo has to be protected and that can only happen if ZANU PF remains in power. Gushungo has no legacy in any other party. It is sad to see Gushungo's "loyalists" try to battle and sabotage ZANU PF to what end though ? ZANU PF as a party cannot afford to go the way of Malawi's MCP.

Zimbabwe is a democracy indeed , and we all have the right to choose who or how to affiliate with any political or social formation of our choice. Though the logical choice for any and all those who revere former President Robert Mugabe would be to back ZANU PF.

Vote for ZANU PF and keep the party in power , with that power let us build, protect and safe guard the legacy of Gushungo and that of all the founding fathers of Zimbabwe. The great Edson Zvobgo was famous for his words "there is a limit to power", and Gushungo's limit to power came in an unfortunate manner that can no longer be reversed. The best would be to grow the legacy of Gushungo and improve on it such that every Zimbabwean is able to benefit and enjoy the fruit of the revolutionary seeds that are now not only planted but embedded in our being as Zimbabweans.

Zimbabweans have for long endured the pain of doing all the donkey work to keep our nation going. Zimbabweans have worked hard, and worked under difficult conditions in peace and poverty while our leaders argue over who gets to ride in the black mercs and the range rovers and landcruisers that are now synonymous with men and women in power. Luckily in a dog eat dog world it is the donkey that survives. The people will always survive and they will always remain the power and the force to drive development and change in Zimbabwe.

Political leaders will come and go but the masses who are the ordinary card carrying members of the party have to stand up and protect the legacy of the party. It is not a Mnangagwa legacy, it is not a Rex Nhongo legacy neither is it a Joshua Nkomo or General Tongo legacy it is the party's legacy. Our love for the party should transcend our love for the individuals occupying offices.

Whether you were in Gamatox, or G40 or whatever faction this election is about the legacy of ZANU PF and not that of factions and faction heads. I would love to see all those genuine ZANU PF cadres who stood with Mai Mujuru , and those cadres who stood with Webster Shamu, Nicholas Goche, didmus Mutasa, Saviour Kasukuwere , Ray Kaukonde etc, all those who stood with these giants should go out and vote for ZANU PF. You might never find another political that is as big and as comfortable as ZANU PF. If you joined the MDC Alliance just know you are tenants whose lease expires 1 August, PRC same story , come back home , keep zanu pf in power and let us resolve our difference at conference or congress.

My name is Fidelis Fengu and I remain loyal to the ideology of Unity, Peace and Development for a better Zimbabwe. ZANU PF is our home and  we should never agree to being displaced by other children who enjoy the same birthright as we have. Whether ZANU PF wins or losses the election I will remain forever loyal to ZANU PF.

Fidelis Fengu, I write in my personal capacity as a nobody.

Source - Fidelis Fengu
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