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Grace Mugabe's greatest victory is unfolding before our eyes

30 Jul 2018 at 08:24hrs | Views
Grace Mugabe has been known to say some outlandish things in her time. When we look back, they seem bemusing to many, but while we have been laughing, she has never stopped plotting her return to power.

"I have said to the president, leave me in charge – I will be good at this, I can do a great job," Grace Mugabe once said.

These words were said when she was First Lady, but one thing is clear, that she has never lost the confidence in herself to one day rule Zimbabwe. In fact, she has been actively pursuing it from the day the people drove her and Robert Mugabe from State House.

She has dreamed of leading Zimbabwe and this was the principle reason for her marriage to former president Robert Mugabe.

However, when he could no longer provide the easy route to power, she turned to another man who could, MDC leader Nelson Chamisa.

She has used her significant wealth to entice the young leader into doing her bidding. While she started small, demanding access to power and some seats around the decision-making table, the demands started to escalate to the point where she has been ostensibly appointed Chamisa's running mate and will be made his vice-president should he win.

This means that once again, Grace Mugabe will be one heartbeat away from ultimate power over 17 million Zimbabweans who will be fleeced daily so Gucci Grace can afford her ridiculously lavish lifestyle.

Being one step away from power will never be enough for Grace and she will then set her eyes on removing the sole obstacle.

Chamisa is just another vehicle for Grace, albeit a far too compliant one.

The MDC leader has risked everything for Grace's money and support, legitimacy, votes and his soul. However, Chamisa has never shirked from his role in Grace's machinations. As a leader of the MDC, he knows better than most what Grace Mugabe and her husband have done to our great nation.

Today, we go to the polls and Grace's final victory over the Zimbabwean people could finally be realised. Her ascension to power will be our nightmare.

You either stand with the Zimbabwean people, our hopes, dreams and freedom, or you stand with Grace Mugabe.

There is no middle ground.

Nelson Chamisa has made his choice.

Now it is time we make ours.

Source - Anthony Mkondo
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