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Response to Chamisa's meted lean cabinet

01 Aug 2018 at 19:50hrs | Views
Advocate Nelson Chamisa's cabinet in-waiting:

1. Ministry of Health - Dr Ruth Labode.
2. Minister of Education (Primary &Secondary) - David Coltat.
3. Minister of Mines - Job Sikhala
4. Minister of Home Affairs - Retired Lt Gen Sibusiso Moyo. 
5. Minister of Defence, war veterans & ex detainees - Giles Mutsekwa.
6. Minister of Lands and Agriculture - Retired Gen Constantino Chiwenga.
7. Minister of Labour and social welfare - Ms Paurina Mpariwa.
8. Minister of Justice, Legal and parliamentary affairs- Innocent Gonese.
9. Minister of Transport and Industry - Joel Gebbuza.
10. Minister of Finance - Tendai Biti.
11. Minister of Sports, Recreation and Culture - Morgen Komichi.
12. Minister of Local Government - Theresa Makone.
13. Minister of Energy, Environment and Water - Eng Elias Mudzuri
14. Minister of Foreign Affairs - Daglous Mwonzora.
15. Minister of Tourism and Hospitality - Takanayi Mureyi.
16. Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology -  Prof Welshman Ncube.
17. Minister of Youth and women affairs - Lennete Karenyi.
18. Minister of Information - Jameson Timba.

Four Deputy Ministers as follows:

1. Deputy Minister of Finance - Chalton Hwende.
2. Deputy Minister of Home Affairs - Agrippa Mutambara.
3. Deputy Minister of Justice - Khuca Phulu.
4. Deputy Minister of Defence - Retired Air Marshal Perence Shiri.


If anything goes by the envisaged lean cabinet exposes prophets of doom relating Nelson Chamisa to the old man Robert Mugabe and his NPF party as it become apparent that instead it is the junta that will benefit in this new dispensation. It's ironic that the junta team would be the highest benefactor whichever way and no doubt this group will be awarded vital posts for the sake of not only stability but as token of appreciation for the role they played in removing the old man.

As regards, the former military guys will remain a critical factor in the affairs of governance of this country and if anything that will be somewhat palpable betrayal on the part of the team Lacoste which is looking forward to the military espouses particularly in the event the incumbent loses. In circumstances where the first round goes wrong, the ruling party in cahoots with ZEC will persuade a replica of the 2008 that is likely to spew blood runoff to which President Mnangagwa will emerge the winner.

However in this likely scenario, devised by Chamisa plotters, it would be disaster for Zanu-PF as the powers that be will cutoff that umbirical cord and join the masses. Presumably if the mooted deal seals through, chances of going for runoff will plummets because Zanu-PF and ZEC on its own won't force the nation to the context of runoff. It's the military establishment that can coerce the nation to the next level, which is either a rerun or smooth transfer of power.

My profound assertion is that the mooted plan, if material, will ease the glaring public ridicule & fear of post-Mnangagwa as  repeat of the 2008 barricades public confidence so the plan would clear any misgivings.

Currently some anarchists are busy tainting the brand of the youthful leader, they are agitating for a showdown between the military and the opposition of which that is long gone, such mantra has been overtaken by events.

Source - Benny Gudo
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