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Don't submit to Mugabe's divide and rule stylish

01 Aug 2018 at 20:53hrs | Views
I was flabbergasted and fazed by the behavior of the two front runners (Former President Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa) following an interview by Robert Gabriel Mugabe at his Blue Roof residence in which he made public his opinion and favourite in this election. As former President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Mugabe was offered the platform to air out his impression and suggestion to do with the ongoing election like any other citizen but his words irked some while others became buoyant as if they already won.

Mugabe likened the current administration to terrorist which he will not vote for. However what derived him to that conclusion is devoid from his interview but our common senses entail us that the old man has reason to say that. One, he was compelled to relinquishing power to a military backed leader who in this case was not his favourite as attested. No secret, Mugabe vowed that Sekeramai was the preferred candidate not Gucci Grace. The reality is that Mugabe had the personal choice, whose chance to ascending at state house was blocked by the military therefore it incensed him like any other human being.

Hence those perplexed and irked by that interview are highly misplaced unless they had a deal with him in which they felt betrayal. Mugabe is his own man, no one controls his cognitive scope, he thinks for himself, he chooses a candidate of choice like any registered voter would do. If he chooses to vote for the youthful opposition leader, who are we to deny him that right even in circumstances where he may opt to spoiling the ballot paper either by default or design, that right is invested in him.

So, Mnangagwa's utterance after this interview exposed his weakness which came at this critical juncture where we expect him, as a mature politician, to exercise maximum restraint by flexing shock absorbers. However the old man, Mr Mnangagwa, did the contrary.

I wonder why Mnangagwa was looking for a vote from Mugabe at this stage where there is an obfuscation of relationship between the two, months after the coup d'etat. He should, in addition, conscientize that Mugabe is now a victim of their malpractices hence anticipating his vote is as good as committing rape.

On top of that Mugabe's vote would go either side and as such those vengeful rants will spoil the good. Let's allow everyone of us to enjoy freedom of choice.

Coming to his concerns and complaints, we all agree that Mugabe's mismanagement debilitated the gains of our independence for he promoted nepotism, Kleptocracy and enormous corruption that complimented to dilapidation of our once robust economy. But, alas, we can't retribute or do a replica of what he did. All we need is a redress of the wrongs and moving forward

One thing I'll not shy or ashamed to say is that Chamisa, a victim of Mugabe's misrule, demonstrated Africanism by persuading everybody to forgive the old man and give him time to rest. For sure, Mugabe did his part and its time for him to rest. However the new generation should takeover from where he left, correct the wrongs and embrace the good because not all things were bad. For instance, Mugabe gave us land and education, should we undo that? No we won't.

I think it's better to protect our old man for us to be blessed. Whoever tormenting him is tarnishing our good image and I urge the incoming President to correct that mistake swiftly.

If it is true that soldiers guarding at his residence withdrew its services then its a shame to those who engineered such anti African decision, if Mr Mnangagwa is behind it then he is immature because tomorrow the tables would be turned. It can be him who may need the same services as former President, would the incoming President do the same? I vehemently disagree, let's create a good impression, a noble precedent for our beloved country. I know we all came from the jaws of Mugabe's hegemonic government but we can't smuggle it under the guise of that mere interview.

By the way, if chaos erupts obviously the old man will have the last laugh. We will be servants of his divide and rule stylish, could we? No, our leaders must wake up. Very soon the same Mugabe may become another hero of the people as we all witnessed at Highfields suburb where he was mobbed by the queueing voters, some rose to ululation instead of booing. Therefore all political leaders must trade the game very careful.

Finally, let's focus on voting peacefully and leave the past because a departure from the past makes us prosper. Mugabe did his part, now is time for the young generation to takeover from where he left. Above all, unity, peace, love, and development must carry our day.

God bless all!

Source - Benny Gudo
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