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Announcement Of 2018 Presidential Election Results to be an acid test for ZEC & Judge Chigumba

02 Aug 2018 at 13:02hrs | Views
There is a greatest possibility that the entire parliamentary election results of 2018 are likely to become null and void following the announcement of presidential results. The likely failure of tallying the total number of people voted for MPs and presidential candidates is likely to throw the entire election of 2018 into quandary. This piece therefore seeks to inform the public on how the presidential election result is likely to expose the fraud related to the rigging of 2018 elections.

It is true that all the Zimbabweans who voted during the 2018 harmonized elections were given similar number of ballots for (MP, Senator, Counselor and President). What it means is that, if the total number of people who voted for MPs is 4million, the total number of people who voted for Presidents should be also 4million.

In case the number of voters for presidential candidates is going to be less than that of MPs, ZEC should account for the missing ballots. For example, if the total number of voters for presidential candidates is 3,5million it means that ZEC should account for the 500,000 ballots. The danger part is that, when the MPs' results were announced, blank ballots were not reported by ZEC only what they called the spoiled ballots were reported.

The reverse is true, if the total number of Presidential voters is above that of the MPs voters, ZEC should account for the difference. For example, if the total cast for presidential is 4,3 million ZEC should give account for the excess of 300,000 ballots over the total vote cast for MPs.

It happened in Kenya during the 2017 harmonized elections, the total vote cast of MPs failed to tally with that of the presidential candidates. The total number of presidential ballots exceeded that of the MPs and the supreme court punished the 'rigged winner' Uhuru Kenyatta by nullifying the results.

I am therefore confident that, the presidential results will determine whether MPs' election results were rigged or genuine. The alleged win of ZANU PF (just announced by ZEC) is questionable. In the so called ZANU PF strongholds, the margins (between ZANU PF and its opponents are not realistic) and the voter turned out has already surpassed the 75% alleged voter turnout by ZEC. I will give you full details via my twitter account after collating the total votes casted for MPs by the end of today.

If it is true that ZANU PF cheated the MPs' election results, they should have done the same to the presidential results because they were all harmonized. I am happy that all agents have been called to verify the V11 for the presidential results and I am positive that if all (agents and ZEC) agree, the outcome for presidential results will be credible and should be used to test the legitimacy of MPs announced.


There is no doubt that presidential results could be an acid test for ZEC and Judge Chigumba's performance and if the results (MPs and Presidential) are going to tally, everyone should accept them. To those close to Justice Chigumba, ZANU PF and Matigari share with them this piece.

Don Chigumba is a mixed methods research specialist, can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

Source - Don Chigumba
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