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Chamisa: Cross of Savimbi, Odinga

03 Aug 2018 at 07:09hrs | Views
No one and virtually no one votes for a person who has no respect for women. Someone who thinks women should be restricted to domestic chores. No. Nelson No! Life is not like that. Zimbabwe needs peace and tranquillity, not rogue and irresponsible young dictators masquerading as democrats, whose political matrix is affixed to nothing but self-serving ambition to grab power through undemocratic means.

One thing for sure, MDC-Alliance president Nelson Chamisa is not a thoroughbred politician. He is young and vibrant but not smart, not mature, not intelligent and not dignified. Never calculative! Chamisa's biggest undoing has been his failure to migrate from irresponsible student politics to dignified national politics.

The express danger being that like Angola's Jonas Savimbi (May his soul never rest in peace, let alone eternal peace) and Kenya's Raila Odinga, his introvert quest for power can easily plunge the country into war.

It is a selfish "Me and Me only" mantra that disregards all other facets of nation building, and a blatant disregard for the tenets of responsible behaviour, that always puts the citizens and the country's interests at heart. Under Savimbism and Odingaism, no one else should win an election. If it is not me, I will burn and turn the country outside down.

I will make the country ungovernable. It has to be me in power. I don't care whether the majority have won.

It must be me! Under Savimbism and Odingaism, an election is not an election until I am declared the winner, everything else is cheating. I will declare the results regardless of what the law says. Law is not law unless it gives me an advantage. Odinga and Savimbi's ideology has been that. Perhaps it is the circumstance that catapulted him into opposition politics power.

It was accidental. He was not the people's choice but the choice of a violent clique in his party called the Vanguard that violently elbowed out all other senior party officials upon the death of party founder Morgan Tsvangirai. Chamisa, who was not elected party leader by congress as per party constitution, can also not be described as a democrat.

Look at the way he violently elbowed out elected vice president Thokozani Khupe and another vice president, Elias Mudzuri, and other senior party officials. Surely, after the 2018 harmonised elections, the Khupes and Mudzuris of this world and Douglas Mwonzora will have the last laugh.

Since taking over the reins of power, Chamisa has been in a chasm of political wilderness, for many pundits and political observers, who have observed his cocktail of suicidal political antics that lack a thought process, reason and maturity. Typical of a boy who has just received a new toy, Chamisa has been excited and not been able to carefully look at Zimbabwe from a national perspective. Fine, those blunders gifted Zanu-PF with an emphatic win that has left him and his party in untold denial. It is the kind of clobbering that unhinges the mind at 63 seats to Zanu PF's 145.

Now Chamisa does not want to hear a Zanu-PF win. Instead of introspecting and licking his wounds in dignity, Chamisa has sought to derail the entire peace and stability Zimbabwe has enjoyed since the new dispensation. He lost this election because he did not speak to the voters' mind. He spoke to himself and a few converted ones that he bussed to every rally. He was always reminded during the campaign that he was not talking to the people. He was talking to hooligans and thugs he picked up at every instance.

Social media dealt him the most fatal blow. The legion of unregistered supporters on social media praised him left, right and centre and bullied everyone who dared speak sense. They were overprotective of him to the point where they defeaned his ears to real issues.

Elections are not won on a pedestal of lies and self-serving speeches. Elections are won by selling genuine mature ideas not kindergarten stuff. Zimbabwe has real issues that need attention, not political jokes about building airports in villages where people do not have fertiliser, food or safe drinking water.

Where villagers have no scotch-carts and where villagers cannot afford to pay school fees for their children. Talking about goats and donkeys enjoying mobile network is infantile politics that only have a place in Disneyland.

No one and virtually no one votes for a person who has no respect for women. Someone who thinks women should be restricted to domestic chores. No. Nelson No! Life is not like that.

Finally, responsible behaviour entails not making inflammatory statements and declaring oneself a winner before even voting has started. It is such a mentality that put Kenya and Angola in trouble with the chief culprits being Savimbi and Odinga. Now it is Nelson in Zimbabwe, an adulterated version of Jonas Savimbi and Raila Odinga.

Source - the herald
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