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Urgent need for leadership at MDC Alliance!

04 Aug 2018 at 20:26hrs | Views
The elections have come and gone but there is need for us to search for that very rare quality called common sense---- a quality which is not at all common as the name suggests, especially among the MDC youth and their equally youthful leaders. It is the lack of common sense that resulted in loss of life in Harare this past week. Politics is the school of hard knocks for those without of common sense!

Zimbabwe was in a truly bad place until the rise of Ed in November 2017. But ED Mnangagwa did not just rise. First he went through hell! He was baptised by fire through public humiliation and vilification by his boss Bob and wife disGrace; quite often in front of his wife. He was poisoned at one point. Ultimately he suffered the humiliation of being ignominiously fired out of hand and the real threat of imprisonment or assassination! He suffered all this quietly and stoically--- you just had to feel empathy for him. Then he acted and in spectacular fashion took Bob and "fambly' to the cleaners!

Fast forward 8months in power with ED in control! "Zimbabwe is in good hands!" "The voice of the people is the voice of God!"--- and so he thundered--- and also walked the talk. The notorious police presence on the street became a fading memory. Profound peace and unprecedented freedom of expression and association prevailed---- never before experienced in this country! Opposition parties demonstrated freely and at will----peacefully!

Fast forward election period. A record 90 rallies by the MDC-Alliance president Chamisa going freely wherever he wanted to go--- he was also protected by the police on a number of occasions ---welcome to a new Zimbabwe--- or is it?!

Here is a common sense analysis which may have escaped our impressionable youths and could actually save lives if adhered to:
 - ED Mnangagwa suffered through the war, waited patiently for his turn after Mugabe in vain, suffered through vilification and firing by Bob and disgrace and finally risked his life, his family and his wealth in deposing Mugabe through a military intervention for which he could be put in front of the firing squad! Common sense says he did not do all this to meekly hand over power to Chamisa after 8months!

 - ED Mnangagwa has sacrificed all for this country and deserves our tolerance for a clear five-year term---Chamisa is young and can fight another election tomorrow and there is no need to sacrifice people on the streets or once again reducing our nation to a pariah status and economic woes ---  common sense

 - Democracy and the law work like an iron fist in a velvet glove. Your rights and freedoms are the velvet glove and the security forces are the iron fist that guarantees those freedoms. When you go on an illegal demo, raving and rampaging,  burning and looting, the iron fist will come out in force to restore order and in the process there will be blood on the streets----common sense

 - When your political leader proclaims himself or his party as the winner of an election while the national body is still counting the votes then he is breaking the law---common sense

 - When said leaders buy booze and urge you to demonstrate without asking for permission from the police he is inciting you to break the law and you can expect to meet the iron fist against you---common sense.
 - When any political leader urges you into the street while he himself withdraws to a safe hide-out---- something is not right and you are likely to meet the iron fist----common sense

 - When said leader operates by remote control on twitter and insists that he has evidence that he won the election or that the election was rigged but does not swiftly come forward with the evidence then he is lying through his teeth----common sense

 - When there are 23 presidential candidates and all of them receive identical results documents and only your leader says his documents are proof of election rigging and all the other candidates are not coming forward with this evidence seeing that they too have identical documents----then your leader is lying through his teeth----common sense.

 - When a presidential candidate loses elections he also loses the chance to be in parliament and the benefits that come with it----he also loses leadership of the party in parliament where important decisions are made---and by extension, he also loses the respect and leadership of his party. Such a person will do everything possible to regain his status even if it means your death or maiming--- common sense

 - There is no guarantee whatsoever that the politician of your choice will bring about the prosperity or success that you want----even he doesn't know that he can do it. It is therefore stupid for you to sacrifice your very precious life for any politician----common sense

 - There are many more signs out there which the youths should assess on their own for self-preservation. Your life is far more valuable to you, your family and relatives for you to waste it on any power hungry politician. Yes you may exercise your rights but remember there is a limit to everything and whenever you are called to sacrifice your life then that is the limit----common sense!

 - Apropos to limits, it is quite clear from Chamisa's  twitts and tweets that the guy has reached the limit of his leadership ability with the loss of an election. Leadership ability extends to the ability to lose graciously---one cannot be a leader who accepts and expects only victory all the time---- common sense!

 -  Due to a streak of the zealot element in him which makes him feel that whatever he does GODISINIT---clearly Chamisa is incapable of conceding defeat even if it was clear and obvious. As such it is important for his deputies (does he have any?!) to step in and save the party before Chiwenga dismantles that outfit to its irreparable bolts and nuts--- common sense!

 -  People like Biti and Coltart won't help at all because it is my opinion and the opinion of others who analyse logically that they are actually part of the problem which resulted in death on the streets. Cool heads are required.  When a madman snatches your pants and runs away, you become worse than him if you chase him nak*d in public. Coltart and Biti are clearly of a questionable mental stability and that's my opinion as well as many who are prepared to observe logically! They will aggravate a situation they perpetrated---- common sense!

The MDC is important to keep ZANU-PF on its toes and democracy alive in Zimbabwe and that role is as important as the role of leading the country---common sense!

 Mudzuri or Mwonzora must step-up and steer the party through a gracious concession of deafeat because Chamisa is psychologically unable to concede defeat due to pride----COMMON SENSE!

Source - Noble Tawanda Ngara
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