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Zanu-PF needs to act and deliver

05 Aug 2018 at 13:15hrs | Views
The victory of ZANU PF is not only to benefit ZANU PF but it benefits the nation. The government to be formed will be the Zimbabwe government and not ZANU PF government. So it is imperative that all issues raised by those who threw protests vote against us should be addressed. The problem which made us lose the urban votes should be dealt with. Nothing is difficult to fix. Good leaders are the leaders who listen. The people know that you are powerful so your power must never be used against those who are vulnerable.

There are five elements that create an unstable social equilibrium: economic or fiscal strain, alienation and opposition among the elites, widespread popular anger at injustice, a persuasive shared narrative of resistance, and favorable international relations. Revolutions have both structural and transient causes; structural causes are long-term and large-scale trends that undermine existing social institutions and relationships and transient causes are contingent events, or actions by particular individuals or groups, that reveal the impact of longer term trends and often galvanize revolutionary oppositions to take further action.

ED is mandated to serve the nation. To heal the ills of society.
The starting point is to bring to justice all the criminals who were surrounding the former president. This will restore the confidence in  the government.  The removal of the inactive scandal ridden Prosecutor General was a welcome move. But that alone does not put food on the table. The country's state resembles a dog's breakfast.  

It should be remembered that King Louis XVI helped trigger the French Revolution by attempting to avoid bankruptcy pretending to do something angers the masses. Work must be done and indeed it should be done.

Most people see revolutions as a forcible overthrow of a government or social system in favor of a new set up.  It is therefore necessary for us to put up a new set up.  Revolution is seen as a rapid transformation of a society's class and structure causing state breakdown which only happens when a government becomes weak.

Our new government can not be said to be weak. Zimbabwe needs to be pulled out of these problems. Sure, there's numerous causes of revolution; but out of all of those causes, ZANU PF can avoid them. Simple things like making money available for all to access. Creating employment and employing without fear or favour.  

It is very important to point out that revolutions are not always caused by class struggle. Class struggle can be one of the causes of a revolution, but in most cases class struggle is not the only causing factor. While we have class divides in Zimbabwe problems of Zimbabwe cuts across class.  

Class struggle comes from something much deeper than a supposed alienation or unhappiness of lower classes. The unhappiness is now across the divide.  

It is true that politics is a major cause of revolutions. So we should stop politics and play patriotism.
political crises are the trigger points to launch revolutions, and the political groups in turn become the social forces of a revolution. The political-conflict groups that have figured in social-revolutionary struggles have not merely represented social interests and forces. Rather they have formed as interest groups within and fought about the forms of state structures. The vanguard parties that have emerged during the radical phases of social revolutions have been uniquely responsible for building centralized arm is and administrations without which revolutionary transformations could not have been consolidated revolutions are because of forcible political change because of elites of attacking a weakened ruler or government instead of aiding the situation.

Yes politics partakes in the causes of revolutions because rulers spreading new ideologies, such as enforcing beliefs to justify that person's rule and heavily forcing it upon the common population.

With all the changes that come within a state such a political: change in power from one person to the next, or change in economics: people losing jobs or inflation, these changes will almost always effect the social aspects of a state. From the problems that are created, and the unrest of a state, class struggle will likely come out of the problems because those with the least will be the most impacted.we have an unhappy citizens, because there is always something to make the citizens unhappy.

People are not getting their money and the government seems incapable to arrest and control the exchange regime. Revolution clearly states what has been said all along, that there are several causes of revolutions much bigger than just class.

The conditions for revolt or revolution to spread throughout society are reasonably well established: First, the national government must be closed to broad participation or popular control. Second, the government must be weakened by some sort of crisis. This crisis may be a material one, such as a military or development failure, fiscal distress, sustained inflation or sharp spikes in food prices. Or the crisis may be ideological, as when a government seeks to impose an ideology that is widely opposed by its own elites,Or it may be a succession crisis that leads elites to shift allegiances and contend for power in a coming leadership change. Several of these items may combine to create a widespread sense of uncertainty and anxiety about the future.

In such periods of social anxiety, a great deal depends on which groups are willing to support the regime and which groups still perceive the leadership as legitimate. Governments that are perceived as just and effective generally retain the support of key elites and thus popular groups; they are therefore quite resistant in the face of  . . . challenges.

The outcry in our society is the deteriorating of the values economy and total lack of respect for the populace.

It is granted that ED managed to deal with the police. The road blocks were removed corruption within the police was controlled.

But the corrupt senior officers still roam the cities.
In order to gain respect even of our enemies the corrupt senior men must be prosecuted. Undenge alone was not the only culprit. Justice makes people respect the one who gives it.
Efficiency with civil service   Is now history. Officers in any ministry still demand payment to do their job.

The sad story police officers at Beitbridge border demand money from the bereaved family demanding that an amount be paid or they will not cross the border. This is tragic. In the ministry of trade and commerce investors are asked to pay or they will not get a permit export or import permits. Zimbabwe is open for business but our officers are open for corruption.

The government should work hard to deal with this scourge.  
Zimbabwe is losing employment  because of corruption. If this is not worked on we still remain with a divide urbanites.

No money in the bank no jobs. The authorities must know that people are now clever and can not be lied to. Promises must be fulfilled.

Our youth are jobless and so much clueless. They can kill for a dollar.
This things must change and lead a country of workers.
All eyes are on ED. He must work and avoid a revolution.


Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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