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What do these results mean for MRP

07 Aug 2018 at 07:56hrs | Views
It has been a burning question among various Mthwakazi movements if it is useful to engage with Zimbabwean political processes. This brings the burning question. Was it necessary for MRP to contest the Zimbabwean elections?

The answer is :YES: it was.

What are the reasons for this?
Firstly: don't think for one second that the leaders of MRP ever thought that they were going to win a landslide victory. They are not delusional. However, the genius of participation in these elections resides in the power of exposure. As a mobilising tool the participation was an absolute necessity and one that yielded impressive results, catapulting MRP from being an obscure entity into a recognised and respected Political entity in Mthwakazi and indeed Zimbabwe. The work done during the election campaign has to be complimented with consistency and the momentum sustained.

Secondly: we must recognise that politics is a science. Strategy and theory must be applied to our functions as a party so as to yield results. Participation in these elections gave us priceless data and information that we must now use to make qualified decisions about our activities. They provide a baseline of empirical data necessary for us to now make smart goal oriented targets.

Thirdly: there has been and organic growth of grassroots communication systems like WhatsApp groups and broadcasts, Facebook and YouTube alike. We must harness them, organise them and maximise their true potential.
Every participant must be encouraged to become a fully fledged card carrying member.

Forth: international exposure. Never has a Mthwakazi party received or engaged with international observers, EU and SADC media houses. MRP built solid networks in the international community including universities who now stand ready to help and assist MRP in future endeavours to expose and end the ill of Gugurahundi and its residual effects like Marginalisation, Shona hegemony and nepotism.

Fifth: One of the Legacies of MRP's participation in this election is the reduction of fear. People used to be afraid to associate with Mthwakazi Movements and our cause but now we have seen our people openly brazen in their support for MRP.

Sixth: This election campaign for MRP helped expose a contradiction of the truth. All along MRP was wrongly vilified and accused of tribalism yet the truth is that MRP is the only party hellbent on Tribal Equality. To ask for equality will hurt those that have benefitted from a system that has its foundations on Shona privilege. Shona privilege is a doctrine that does three things.

First, it claims to promote lies like that there are differences in things like character and intelligence between Shona and Ndebele people. Second, Tribalism asserts the superiority of one tribe over others. Finally, it seeks to maintain that dominance through a complex system of beliefs, behaviors, use of language and political power. MRP is clear on how unacceptable that it.

So in conclusion, today is day 2 in our 2023 campaign. We must not relent. We must press forward as an unstoppable force.

Source - Nqobizitha Maplanka
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