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MDC brought confusion and disputed elections since it's inception

10 Aug 2018 at 23:03hrs | Views
MDC has brought in democratic confusion since its inception. Since the emergence of the opposition MDC party in 1999, Zimbabwe has been plunged into a serious problem of contested elections. ZANU PF has had a strong grip on power since independence to an extent that many people think winning elections is another name of rigging.  MDC came into power believing that politics is a stroll to the state house, they brought in unprecedented violence and decided to play their politics to the gallery.

MDC has entered in the political fray with a very misguided belief that they are loved and they must win. They have come to an extent were they participate in the elections with a threat of anarchy should they lose the elections. To them democracy is when they win and nothing short of their win is accepted. Losing elections to MDC means that they have been rigged. They have made a friendship with countries who are not happy with the policies of ZANU PF and they draw sympathy from them To start with MDC goes all the way to campaign to the outside world. They justify their existence to those who do not vote but who can use their muscles to intimidate Zimbabwe.

The cry baby syndrome of the MDC where they use the international stage to undermine our electoral system has impacted negatively on the State's legitimacy question and consequently, the lives of ordinary people. Zimbabwe had suffered under sanctions for over twenty years because MDC has literally begged for sanctions and made the world see the government as an illegitimate government.

All elections that have been conducted since 2002 have been subject to contestation, which has spilled into the courts for recourse. In all the court cases MDC has lost the challenges, their argument has always been based on rumour and emotional igniting  of excitement.

In 2002 MDC caused the world to criticise the conduct of the 2002 election and it was again strongly condemned by the Commonwealth, Norwegian observers, opposition parties, and Western governments. Their reasoning was simply that MDC has raised a complaint. The interference of the foreign biased observers has given the MDC the courage to challenge every loss even if the challenge is frivolous and vexatious.

While MDC would campaign to the outside world Zanu PF, started campaigning to the grassroots. Organised the party into structures and the aim and policies of the party being dip and sunk in the hearts of masses. To a common Zimbabwean ZANU PF becomes part of his or her life.  

Because of the ZANU PF campaign skills which started  with the years former president Robert Mugabe was president of the country which saw him winning elections since 1980, until his resignation last November following an army intervention, MDC made it a point to have their moto as MUGABE MUST GO. When ZANU PF not MDC removed Mugabe MDC  shocked the electorate by embracing Mugabe and saying he was good all along. Now they had no moto and all they can sale to the people was age and dreams. MDC had been implanting ideas of violence in the people by saying if they lose they are rigged. Because they lost they have to justify and make their sponsors to see that something is being done. As a result, they have to challenge the elections.

The country's elections had been characterised with allegations of murder, beatings, rape, death threats, abductions, arbitrary arrests and forced displacement. This would have been their starting point in challenging any election. To their biggest surprise there was peace and they were allowed to enter areas they had never entered before. They enjoyed some large crowds and in their warped minds calculated their votes by the attendance of those who came to rallies, MDC forgot to urge their members to register to vote. They did not take advantage of the peace which was brought in by ED to form their structures, they did not do parliamentary campaigns they hoped that people will vote for them because Chamisa was young and dreaming. They did not do village to village campaign. While Chamisa was dreaming of being at the state house, inspecting his dream guard of honour attending rallies on over elaborated convoy, his counterparts in ZANU PF were in villages pubs, bus stops having a one on one campaign. When the results came out Chamisa did not know what hit him.

His political marriage to Biti was a disaster, it took MDC this long to realise that BITI was mentally unstable.

For the first time in Zimbabwean election history no atrocities were perpetrated against opposition supporters by the ruling party. MDC so hoped that there will be violence so that their sponsors will rubbish the elections. But this failed and MDC emerged with eggshells in their faces. The only way to avoid the embarrassment of defeat was to declare that they have won before they have even voted.

MDC STARTED ANNOUNCING THE ELECTIONS EVEN BEFORE VOTING STARTED, Biti went further to incite violence in the foreign media before counting was completed. True to their wish they instigated a bloody demonstration where they gave beer to the youth to rack havoc, sadly in the moment of madness six people; lost their lives and we mourn with their beloved ones. MDC having caused that chaos never came up to help or assist. Biti who was prepared to die for his vote legged it into Zambia and the whole story is in the public domain. They urge people to go into the streets and cause a war, but they ran into Zambia to hide away from the war they have caused.

In 2008 Tsvangirai won the election with a small margin which required a run off, which the MDC leader pulled out fearing for another loss which would have exposed them.

In the elections, Mugabe lost the presidential elections to Tsvangirai after he garnered 43 percent of the vote, while the MDC front man amassed 47 percent, in the process failing to get the constitutionally required 50 percent plus one vote to take over power.

The election like any other was a subject to controversy and so was the 2013 election.
Now we can see that MDC can never accept defeat with a dignity. They will rather have the country suffer than accept defeat. Zimbabwe does not need this but as Zimbabwe we had to be democratic and allow the process.

MDC Alliance leader is challenging the outcome of the presidential elections. He has said he will use all the legal means necessary to challenge the results, a departure from their pre-election combative mood.  It is sad that the country is being held at ransom because some one simply needs to win at all costs  it has never been known that one enters a competition with the mind that he will win and will nor accept defeat if he loses then the competition is not free and fair,
 The results of the presidential elections were indeed tight, and the margin was thin. If there was any rigging, then the margin would have been so wide. The taking of the electoral complaint to court is very lawful.

But it has become the legacy of the MDC to spoil the joy of the elections, the running to court to complain is what marks the legacy of the MDC. In their mind opposition, earns making noise and presenting your country as an evil one. all this is done to their own benefit, selfish needs and personal gains, they do not have the country at heart and this is what MDC stands for.
However, we can count seven most contentious presidential elections in other countries. Kenya had elections nullified but the result remained the same. The will of the people did not change. Democracy must not be decided by the outsiders, we do not need to act to the dictates of the other nations.

America has a record of disputed elections since the 17th century. It should however be known that the Americans are not Zimbabweans. Chamisa is challenging the results just to please his sponsors. To what extend
What we should realise as Zimbabweans is that ZANU PF brought democracy. ZANU PF brought voting to the people, the cry was always one man one vote. MDC came and introduced chaos, their policy is to challenge anything which outsmarts them. They celebrated that Trump had given them their wish. That sanctions have been extended by America because they lost. Chamisa and Trumo are of the same brand. Trump made a threat that should he lose he will not accept the results. He entered in a race with a threat and he is the one who is threatening Zimbabwe again.

May it be known that Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. MDC must change its name from Movement Of Democratic Change to Movement of democratic chaos.


Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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