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Nelson Chamisa: Your parents taught you better

15 Aug 2018 at 22:27hrs | Views
The so-called experts fail to understand that it is the unshackled youths that can bring change in any country, not the rah-rah lying politicians. In addition, for street protests to work, they must be an expression of intellectual freedom not savagery. Real change only begins with intellectual freedom not thuggery. Change requires a unity of purpose; The Headmen, the DAs, Provincial Administrators, National Administrators, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Teachers, current government, political parties, students, trade unions, women's, vendors, etc.

 All stakeholders not just a bunch of confused youths high on bronco.

The confused bunch are also calling for Government of National Unity - this is a political solution proposal and it does not work. It has never worked anywhere. Chamisa says Mnangagwa wants to kill him - so how can they suddenly work together amicably. We already see Chamisa claiming to be the Commander of the Defense forces - what other ministries will he want to control? Squabbling over posts always lead to the resumption of hostilities and renewed conflict - as in Angola in 1992, the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1999, Sierra Leone in 2000, and Ivory Coast in 2004.

· The Democratic Republic of the Congo's GNU in 2003 created four vice presidents but did not bring peace to eastern Congo, especially the Bunia region.

· Burundi's civil war flared up in August 2003 despite the establishment of a GNU brokered by former South African president Nelson Mandela.

· Ivory Coast's GNU, established in January 2003, collapsed in less than a year.

· Sudan's GNU, brokered in Kenya in 2005, barely lasted a year. The rebel movement - now called Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) abruptly pulled out of the national unity government on October 12, 2007. In January 2011, South Sudan voted overwhelmingly to break away from the North.

· Kenya's GNU, established in February 2008 after the violent December 2007 elections in which 1,200 people perished, did not go anywhere.

· Zimbabwe's GNU, signed in 2008, was been ditched.

The main problem are the so-called experts - they offer the wrong and ineffective advice and prescribe out of this world solutions. What we need is an African approach like we do in Chivi - DARE (Village Meeting). The approach will be to convene a Zimbabwe Sovereign National Conference on the lines of South Africa's CODESA.

I have read statements made by Dabengwa about a transitional authority to take over the affairs of the country. That is a political solution and will not work. We need a convention of all stakeholders from the village level. The Zimbabwean churches tried this approach before but again, they were too selective, they left out other stakeholders. The SNC must be far and wide reaching. Only a team selected from this conference will have a mandate to rule Zimbabwe until the next election. We have CODESA to use as a baseline that we can improve on.

Source - Sam Wezhira
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