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Welshman Ncube's Independence Day Message

17 Apr 2012 at 12:34hrs | Views
Every year on the 18th of April, we celebrate our national independence with great jubilation. This is the celebration of our triumph against a century of subjugation by the colonialist. On this day the MDC joins the nation and the world in commemorating the heroic exploits and unquantifiable sacrifices starting from uMvukela to the second Chimurenga which brought our independence in 1980.

This year's 32nd independence celebration comes at a time when we are writing the constitution of our country and in the middle of the democratisation of our nation. As patriots of our motherland we believe that the constitution must be a reflection of the sacred values that informed the extraordinary values of the gallant sons and daughters of our country who selflessly fought to bring about our freedom from minority rule.

As a party we remain guided by the principles and values that were the basis of our great revolution. It is the principle of "power to the people" that informs our quest of devolution of power. We firmly believe that it was in the minds of the revolutionaries that power must devolve to the lower structures of our government. Like the freedom fighters of that time, who saw it worthless to spare their comforts in the expense of the needs of the populace we prefer to see the realisation of the principles of the struggle than servitude to the throne.

As proud heirs of these great principles and values, we firmly believe that there could be no great honour to our sacrifice than to embrace justice and fairness.  We believe we fought for a just and a fair Zimbabwe, a Zimbabwe where values of democracy and peace are religiously observed. The MDC firmly believes that "one men, one vote" was the inspirational guide to the struggle for independence, we thus demand on this day that no Zimbabwean must be denied this right to choose their leader no matter their race or geographical location.

The MDC is aware that we fought for a country where all Zimbabweans will exercise their rights without fear, as a party we believe that the political violence and intimidation together with unfree and unfair elections are a mockery to a just and fair Zimbabwe that we fought for.

On this day the MDC would like to reiterate its commitment to social justice. The provision of education, healthcare, shelter and the creation of jobs top our agenda, we are aware that as a nation we never fought for poverty, we never spent all those time in the struggle fighting for corruption but we selflessly condemned even during our struggle. We therefore condemn it today even from those that seek to apportion themselves the credit of the liberation yet on daily basis betray it.

As MDC we embrace the sacrifices shown by our fellow countrymen, as we walk in their footsteps we wish once again to say that we stand in the shoulders of these great men that through painful circumstances never gave up, but hoped against hope to see the independence of our nation.

MDC President
Welshman Ncube

Source - MDC Information
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