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Chiwenga represents the 'New Disorder' not New Dispensation

20 Aug 2018 at 07:03hrs | Views
While the nation awaits eagerly in anticipation of a typical Chief Justice Maraga (Kenya's Chief Justice) style and caliber of overturning presidential election results from our apex court on Tuesday, it is highly unlikely that what happened in Kenya September (2017) won't surely be replicated in Zimbabwe. Justice Maraga was bold enough to overturn the current Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta election victory the first of its kind in Africa.

Most of the urban voters would like to see the presidential election results being overturned if not overthrown and possibly force a runoff. But such a scenario won't happen in Zimbabwe considering that junta leader who was recently appointed as SADC deputy chair on Politics and Security in the region seems to be oozing in confidence that the courts will rule in his favor surely, if they could manipulate Chigumba what more Chief Justice Malaba.

My heart bleads with the 'povo' especially the unemployed youths considering that a further five years of Zanu Pf does not just paint a bleak future for them but it totally nails their bright and overdue careers. Only a revolution will overthrow this blood thirst government and regime, which is led by the defacto Rtd General Guvheya Chiwenga who does not represent a ''new dispensation but rather a new disorder', If they is a man who needs urgent help is ED cause very soon Guvheya will pop up in his face like popcorns. Of course democracy allows Chiwenga to be a VP but this man doesn't even qualify to be a Village Head, his decision making process especially when it comes to policies is just dismal.

A person with a PhD from a renowned university of UKZN more so a person in the capacity of a Vice President leading 13 million long and overdue suffering Zimbabwean should at least show the nation the light of being a good policy maker not just to put the whole constitution into his pocket, I'm totally afraid that Mary Chiwenga might be the next Grace Mugabe who is more than ready to pounce on a bedroom coup.

The killing of innocent citizens but the Zimbabwe National Army was a sad charter in the history of a nation that is known for peace. Weather Valerio Sibanda defends his troops moment of madness, they is never any good justification of the killing of innocent citizens who were protecting their vote.

Without doubt just like how Guvheya ordered the termination of contracts of innocent nurses who were demanding their dues the same man who is now responsible for the Defense polifolio had to encourage the ZRP to arrest the survivors of the blood thirst Millitary,instead of arresting the killers those who triggered the bullets, it was rather the opposite. Without doubt the President elect ED is now under military capture and a second operation restore 'order' is urgently needed to fire Guvheya and his military companions.

Knowledge Hakata is the co-founder of Demos-Cratos and he can be contacted on

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