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I am beginning to love Nelson Chamisa!

20 Aug 2018 at 16:50hrs | Views
Because he doesn't get it!

Across Africa, Eurasia, and South America, governments are characterized by strong executives and weak legislatures. the primary focus of politics is on elections and on constant tussle between presidents and parliaments over their respective authority.

Elections are for show, a window dressing to let off steam. Technically, they are meaningless.

The judiciary give an appearance of the "rule of law". You can get in touch with Justice Benjamin Paradza, he can help you understand that fact.

Igomombe clearly told you that support is bought with patronage, government appointments and benefits. In case you had no time to read his article advising you or you did not understand it, I will simplify it for you:

The current government support from security forces, civil servants, intellectuals, students, women's groups, is intact.

This is bad news for you!

The central bank is functional and in control of Zimbabwe's financial matters. Many people had hoped the fiscus will not be able to hold together for too long. The opposite is true.

This is bad news for you!

The media has done a great disservice to politics. Social media has destroyed the media as we know it in Zimbabwe. When you see people turning to The Herald for a true position then you know you are in deep trouble.

I wish you were a good listener; Zimbabwe does not need a political solution today; it needs healing. The vehicle to achieve that healing is the Sovereign National Conference (SNC). SNC will ensure that there will be no political witch-hunts or reprisals against anyone. Please take time or talk to someone who helped craft CODESA; you have those experts in Zimbabwe. Just take a few minutes on google to find them.  

Pick up the phone and call Mnangagwa. It is the honorable thing to do. Let the country move forward, be the champion of healing, and give yourself an opportunity to fight another day.

Source - Sam Wezhira
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