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Reflections on a captured Zimbabwean state

21 Aug 2018 at 11:15hrs | Views
In November, people celebrated the fall of Mugabe, the junta misled the global community and portrayed as if Mugabe was the stumbling block to Zimbabwe's democracy. The junta deceived the world by preaching a new order of fake of system in Zimbabwe, a system which respect and values global accepted democratic and human rights values, a system which tolerated freedom of speech, a system which tolerated citizen demonstrations.

Everybody celebrated a coup but revelations from the recent election held under the nose of the junta proved another point. The junta is intolerant to any demonstration, the junta is taking a more radical and brutal approach on any opposition threat. The junta is determined to stay in power at any price. A junta determined to suppress and murder citizens with no remorse at all is far dangerous than a roving hungry lion in the jungle. It is simply careless and heartless. The junta administration ego is to grab and hold on to power at any price.

One thing for certain is true, the junta proved that Mugabe was not the problem of Zimbabwe. He was only an instrument of the real problems of Zimbabwean politics. The real problem of Zimbabwe is Zanu-PF Juntaism. Zanu-PF politicized the security forces, Zanu-PF captured the military and the military now seem to work for Zanu-PF and not the state, hence Zanu-PF becomes the defector state of Zimbabwe. This is the problem of Zimbabwe.

Now imagine under this cloud of junta administration, what the will happen to anyone trying to dislodge Zanu-PF from government? What are the effects of such a move? With the current state pf affairs in Zimbabwe, such persons will be fighting the state and not Zanu-PF. This is why then the state could not hesitate to send soldiers to kill unarmed citizens. To the state, which is Zanu-PF in this case, those demonstrators were rebellious citizens and as such they become enemies of the state and had the prerogative to use maximum military force to thwart all forms of threats targeted against it and reciprocally this is what the junta administration did on August 1. They declared war on unarmed citizens shooting them randomly.

Isn't it frightening that up to this day those who ordered army to shoot unarmed citizens are the most free citizens of the republic? Isn't it scaring that those soldiers who disbursed live ammunition against citizens were never reprimanded or arrested?.

The answer is simple, no soldier can be arrested for killing a victim during the war and no soldier will be arrested for carrying out an instruction. If anything else those murderous soldiers of August 1 were praised and possibly promoted for executing a command with efficiently, an order to shoot state enemies, an order of effecting repression and order of juntaism. With any sober administration, events of 1 August could have seen a big ex within the armed forces.  With any government of citizens and for the citizens, events of August 1 could have seen the responsible assailants being arrested. This was never the case with the Zanu-PF junta state.

Demonstrating no remorse and arrogance the man behind the murder of 10 defenseless citizens, the most free murderer of this world, Constantine Chiwenga had the freedom to lie that citizens killed each other and the army never used any live ammunition yet they are live videos showing army shooting randomly on citizens. 

Source - Tazvi Gamz
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