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Chamisa told us 'fast for three days and pray for 'HIS' vote'

23 Aug 2018 at 13:08hrs | Views
Chamisa continues to incite the povo once more: if his God fails him, he will turn to the people, he said this yesterday's Bulawayo24. Who is higher in this equation: God or the people? How does Pastor Chamisa put God to this raw test of faith? Where God may have failed Chamisa's petition in the Constitutional Court, he sincerely thinks the people will make HIM President!! When we saw Chamisa in white garments praying in the Zimbabwean wilderness, praying and of course fasting, one wonders if it is an abuse of religion, what Lenin correctly said: religion is the opium of the people!!!!!!

Exactly twenty-three days ago, the ordinary people were incited by the leadership of MDC-Alliance to demonstrate. We lost lives: seven of them in that demo of the 1st of August. Blood was lost carelessly at the incitement of unscrupulous political leaders. To invite them once more by telling us that if God failed he will turn to the people to protect their vote is the sheer lack of leadership qualities, leadership responsibilities and political immaturity. When our wounds of loss are still so fresh in our minds, did they need to spill more blood again just to make a political point and Chamisa be president? Are the people pawns, cannon fodder to be used and abused by egoistic and senseless politicians of our time? No Chamisa, please respect life you are a pastor in the first place and a father of a son. Whose sons and daughters are to be sacrificed just to make you Chamisa President?

If Chamisa was a good leader, he would know that if Zanu PF has two-thirds majority in parliament, he can never be a president of a full parliament life. You cannot be president of a minority government in parliament. It is wholly your personal ego to become a president irrespective of the bare facts on the ground. It is you Chamisa, again, who accepted the 64 parliamentary vote as legitimate, ulamawala, and you should have waited to accept parliamentary vote as an accurate vote and make a collective petition of both parliamentary and presidential vote fraud. In other words, you do not really care about the MDC-Alliance loss of parliamentary seats at all but you are talking about peoples vote when it means Chamisa presidential loss: What a God! Is it really the God of Israel you are worshipping dear Chamisa?

Your God should have told you that it is evil and satanic to impose yourself as leader of the opposition party: to grab MDC-T leadership from Thokozani Khuphe. Your God again should have told you never to go for elections without electoral reforms on the ground. Your God should have told you that you do not threaten the nation by using violence: words such as "kudira jecha muupfu" are words of incitement to create chaos in the nation. Your God again should have told you: those words such as: "elections will be free and fair if you win" are words wholly ungodly, not coming from noble leadership that puts God ahead of all decisions. Your God should have told you that you do not give young people alcohol early hours of the morning for the purpose of demonstrating "effectively." I bet you do not drink alcohol yourself. Your God should tell you to respect our children Chamisa, those children who you send on errands: to demonstrate are our children, and the loss of their lives is felt by us mothers of this great nation.

I sincerely ask you to revisit your religious faith because it is found wanting. You know better than all of us how deadly the military junta is. You know how the junta went on a shooting spree at the glare of the international community that was still present in Zimbabwe. We saw how people were razed down like lesser creatures by water cannons, falling on the ground like human beings of lesser God. When you incite the youth again, do you sincerely want a repeat of what we saw on the 1st of August in the Harare streets? You are a man dear Chamisa and not a woman, and it is for this reason you have no idea about the pain of giving birth to a human being. Your son is well protected in the leafy suburbs of Harare but you are wholly capable of subjecting other people's children to the wrath of Chiwenga/Mnangagwa junta.

If you did not trust the ZEC electoral processes how you did package the MDC-Alliance to the elections? If you have no faith in the judiciary how do approach the very constitutional courts you have no faith in, you take your petition to the very courts you do not trust. At the late hours of the whole election saga and courts cases, you ask God to intervene on your behalf, and if God fails you will turn to the people for help. You do not even trust your God, dear Chamisa, do you?.

If there is anything that Chiwenga & Co are happy about today, is how they instilled fear in our people by gunning down only seven to send a message to the povo how brutal they can be. You should know this well and never to incite young people to the streets as they will be harmed. We mourn the deaths of those who died on the 1st of August endlessly because they carelessly lost their dear lives to prove a political point of egoistic politicians. Both the junta and MDC-Alliance are responsible for those deaths equally. Both the junta and MDC-Alliance were not present at the burials of those who were sacrificed by politicians to prove a point.

It is for this reason that they call any military exercise that takes over power from a constitutional government a junta. A junta is lethal, has no respect for human lives. You should be the one to know how they invited the people to join them in the Mugabe dethronement, but hardly seven months, have they treat THE PEOPLE as enemies of the state. Citizens are pawns to be used to prove a point!!

The verdict will be tomorrow on the 24th of August and shudder to think about the two hard surfaces we pray for: Zimbabwe is between the rock and two hard surfaces: Chamisa and Mnangagwa. I allow myself to say I cannot envisage a Chamisa minority government, God forbid!!! Chamisa has already shown his dictatorial tendencies before he is even declared the winner of the elections, before he is inaugurated as president. To go to Bulawayo and cherry-pick a Mayor and deputy Mayor both from Mashonaland: what did he promise the people from Mathebeleland at the fully packed White City Stadium? Chamisa's promises to this region, and before the election sun has even set, he has been broken. We have a Mayor and a Deputy Mayor from Mashonaland. I am sure the residents of this City of Kings & Queens will come to terms with Chamisa's choice because they are the ones who voted for him. The residents must ask some pertinent questions: on what capacity did Chamisa nominate those positions of a mayor and his deputy before he is proclaimed the winner of president?

My thoughts are still on those children of this great nation who perished on that August deaths in Harare: the fact that not a single politician was present when the families mourned those deaths is painful to this day. I think deeply about Ishmael Kumire, a vendor who had nothing to do with the demonstration, died a careless death. How are the families coping with loss of life of their loved ones because of sheer power and glory of the leadership, either way, the junta and MDC-Alliance are wholly responsible for that sheer careless show of power and glory. When we lose children cold-blooded, it becomes irrelevant to me who wins the court case tomorrow in this presidential vote petition. Ishmael Kumire will not come back from his grave because Chamisa has won the petition and will be President of the Republic of Great Zimbabwe.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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